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Another excerpt from “Jeepers creepers 3”!

Oh, water came out hot! I mean, real action. Just yesterday we got the first excerpt from the horror of Victor Salvo Jeepers creepers 3 (Jeepers Creepers 3), and today we present another. Them exclusive to get hold of colleagues from Dread Central, which, praise be Cthulhu, not greedy guys.

Yesterday’s piece was “day”, today is “night”, by contrast. And there again there is something (and someone) to look at. The first fragment, as previously posted the trailer, collected the opposite opinions. Someone happy, someone disappointed, some criticize computer graphics and visual “cheap”, others point out the sights and just enjoy the return of the Creeper. And you’re from a camp? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

Again, it is necessary to run the video at your own risk, because it is likely to pick up unnecessary spoilers. A fresh fragment, though not as bright as yesterday, but more atmospheric and suspenseful. And yet this gesture Creeper a La “liquid terminator” T-1000 – well, really cute.

The Russian premiere is scheduled for November 9, 2017.

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