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Another EU country talking about creating a US military base

Еще одна страна ЕС заговорила о создании военной базы США

U.S. military base may appear in another European country – the Czech Republic, allowed the military authorities in Prague. A base for us missiles wish to become also Poland and Ukraine. The gap of the INF Treaty, the United States unleashes a hand in this direction. If the US is “selling” in Europe, the situation could be repeated in 1983, when the world was on the brink of nuclear war, say military experts.

The Minister of defence of the Czech Republic lubomír METAR admitted the possibility of placing the U.S. military base on its territory in connection with the rupture of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty).

“It is possible that after it expires will deteriorate the situation. Do not rule out that NATO may start the debate,” said Meter with reference to the newspaper Pravo, noting that while European security is not threatened.

In Europe already placed in breach of contract launchers “MK-41”. Such plants exist in Romania, and soon to appear in Poland. According to experts, by 2022 Poland will host the us missile complexes Patriot and Aegis Ashore – the first elements of the “missile shield” US in Poland.

The US do a lot of work in order to “ring” Russia U.S. missile defense system, said defence Ministry in March 2018. Areas ABOUT established in the territory of the United States – in California and Alaska. In Europe areas ABOUT established in Romania and in the Baltic States will be created in Poland. This ring also connects the area of missile defense in Korea and Japan. The US plan is to expand the Russian borders, a total of 400 missiles a global missile defense system.

Recently, Donald trump said that the new strategy ABOUT the United States involves the placement of 20-based interceptors in Fort Greely, Alaska. Poland also wanted to build a “Fort-trump” – a permanent American military base, and was even ready to allocate up to two billion euros on this. Behind her, the desire to create a US military base on its territory and said the Ukraine. However it is necessary that the States themselves? Dreams the Polish and Ukrainian authorities may not be true. In the autumn it became clear that it is not about the US military base in Poland, and military depots.

As for the Czech Republic, the United States previously tried to deploy a global missile defense system in the country. And partly they even managed to do it. In 2008, the US and the Czech Republic have signed an agreement on the deployment in the Czech Republic the American XBR radar (radar EMR), ostensibly to track missile launches of rogue States, particularly Iran’s missiles. Chose from three platforms in total for the construction were allocated land at a military range Brdy near the village myshiv in Pilsner region, about 90 km South-West from Prague.

However, these plans were buried due to public protests. Polls have shown that more than half of Czechs were against the deployment of U.S. missile radar in the country, was 38% of the respondents.

If the United States after the release of the INF Treaty would force Europe to place aimed at the Russian American missiles, then Moscow will have to answer symmetrically, said military expert, chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko. “US policy is to use the exit from the INF Treaty as a pretext for the deployment of U.S. intermediate range missiles in Europe aimed at Russia” – he said, RIA “Novosti”, commenting on the statement of the Minister of defence of the Czech Republic.

According to Korotchenko, if the US is “selling” in Europe, and the result will be decided on the deployment of missiles, then Russia will have to answer. In this scenario, there will come a “new geopolitical reality”.

“The situation will repeat 1983, only on a new technological level of armament development,” warns the military expert. Then the situation became so tense that the world narrowly escaped nuclear war. In January 1983, U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed a decree on placement of medium-range missiles in Europe. In total, near the borders sotsbloka were installed 572 missiles. In November of that year NATO within ten days of exercises conducted in Europe in case of nuclear war, including simulation of launch nuclear Intercontinental ballistic missiles for the Soviet Union.

He was advised to actively work with Europe by political means, to the extent to maintain two-way consultation with all European countries. Europe also need to think about how to not become a target for retaliation, says Korotchenko. “Europe now needs to save herself. Russia is not interested in worsening relations,” he said.

The United States began the process of withdrawal from the INF Treaty on 2 February, which will be completed in six months. The occasion was the prosecution of Russia that she allegedly concealed is developing banned missile system. Donald trump has threatened to develop their answer in order not to give Moscow a military advantage.

The Minister of economy of Germany Peter Altmaier does not exclude a new arms race if a Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles will be finally terminated. However, hopes that “the Americans and the Russians will come in the end to the agreement”. The German foreign Ministry has repeatedly said that against the deployment of new medium-range missiles in Europe. However, before he laid the responsibility for the preservation of the INF Treaty in Moscow, as it also considers “what is the missile, in violation of the Treaty, and it must be eliminated.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. hopes not only to force the European Union to deploy its military bases on its territory, but also to pay for it. To do this, Washington requires the growth of expenditures of NATO members on defense, although the USA own costs, on the contrary, reduced.

Thus, the American Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell urged Berlin not to skimp on the defense, a frightening fact that “Russia is on the threshold.” He stated this in an interview with Welt am Sonntag ahead of the meeting of defense Ministers of the North Atlantic Alliance in Brussels. Germany intends to increase defence spending to 1.5% of GDP by 2024, however, Grendel criticized the Germans, stating that this is not enough: “NATO requires 2%”. This is Grenell, who had earlier dispatched German companies hard letters threatening introduction against them of us sanctions because of the support of the construction of “Nord stream – 2”. In Germany sharply criticized Ambassador. Even China for the first time in history had no control over such arrogance.

The Americans accused Russia of violating the Treaty again. For example, in 2017, the New York Times, apparently, based on sources in the American intelligence reported that Russia has begun deploying long-range cruise missiles 9М729 (American designation SSC-8), which, according to the Americans, and is the terrestrial variant of “Caliber.” Russia, in turn, insists that the range of this missile is a maximum of 480 km, while the INF Treaty bans missiles with a range greater than 500 km, and Consequently, under the restriction of the Treaty, the missile misses, and is similar to the “Caliber” is not.

Now, however, after U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty, Russia is ready in two years (2019-2020) to develop a terrestrial version of the complex “Caliber” sea-based cruise missile long range that is well established in Syria. And implement the plan within a specified time Russia completely, as all the key elements already exist, although they will need to adapt your start, experts say.

Moreover, according to unofficial information, the range of missiles “Caliber-NK” in the case of transport on land will be about 2.6 thousand kilometers. It is approximately equal to the distance from Moscow to Paris. From Kamchatka, where is the serious rocket group to the U.S. this land-based “Caliber” won’t get, since the distance is more than three thousand kilometers, but the Chukotka – able, given that the width of the Bering Strait is only 86 km away.

Second, the Russian response to the US withdrawal from the Treaty is the creation of a ground-based variant of the hypersonic medium-range missiles on the basis of the product 3М22 “Zircon”. “Zircon” can be launched from the same launchers as “Caliber”. So creating a land version of the complex, Russia will get more land variant hypersonic missiles of average range. And all this without any significant additional costs. The foreign Ministry of Russia believes that the collapse of the INF Treaty will have dire consequences for the entire European security architecture.

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