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“Anomalous” webcam not a little frightened American

«Аномальная» веб-камера не на шутку перепугала американку“Possessed”.

A resident of the Netherlands Rilan Hamer bought in one of shops of electronics web camera to watch my dog while away from home, but the device has started to live his life.

After a while, the camera began to talk to the woman in French and move. Rilan thought that was crazy. She turned off the camera from the network and addressed to a familiar specialist.

“I was seriously scared. Camera told me, “Good evening, Madam,” said the Dutchwoman.

Along with his friend Hamer turned the camera on, and soon the voices returned. The woman started shouting at the camera and asked to be left alone. But the voice from the camera started to laugh.

Rilan took the camera to the store, which promised to investigate the situation. Outlet is sold all of a similar device, but none of the buyers complained about such problems. Probably the woman has been hijacked. Social media users jokingly suggest that the camera could possess the demon.

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