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Anomalies of Earth’s magnetic field showed on the map

Аномалии магнитного поля Земли показали на картеThe map allows you to follow the magnetic field of the planet at depths of up to 250 kilometers.

Experts from the European space Agency unveiled the most detailed map of the characteristics of the magnetic field of our planet.

The mapping took three years. It managed to get through satellite mission Swarm.

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“By combining measurement of the satellite Swarm with historical data from the German CHAMP satellite and using new modeling method, we were able to extract the tiny magnetic signals of the magnetization of the earth’s crust,” said Nils Olsen, Technical University of Denmark.

One of these anomalies located in the Central African Republic, near the town of Bangui, where the magnetic field is much stronger. The reason for this anomaly is still unknown, but some scientists believe that this may be the result of a meteorite more than 540 million years ago.

“Measurements of space are of great importance as they offer a global view of the magnetic structure of the hard outer shell of our planet,” said the researchers.

According to them, the new map shows detailed changes in this area more accurately than previous satellite reconstruction. It will allow us to explore temperature and geological changes in the Earth’s lithosphere.

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