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Announced the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 6

The company Xiaomi has officially unveiled a new smartphone Redmi Note 6 Pro, which is destined to become a bestseller. It is a direct successor of the legendary model, the Redmi Note 4, 2016, which also many useful Redmi Note 5, also gained global recognition.

Note that the announcement of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro can not be called global until the smartphone came only in Thailand, but globalco, as always, waiting will not make. The candy bar only costs 216 dollars when ordering from Taiwan, and for the money it already has what’s missing from the Apple iPhone XS Max 130 000: this 4GB of RAM and a battery capacity of 4000 mAh with fast charging. The smartphone is equipped with an excellent Full HD screen+ 6.3 inches diagonally, although he has a unibrow in the style of the same IPhone.

But the case here is completely aluminum, so that it is not afraid of falling and replacing a broken screen will cost mere pennies. Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 6 even boasts a Quartet of built – in cameras- front is a double module 20+2 MP, and rear mounted matrix on 12 and 5 MP. There is also a fingerprint scanner, perfectly complementing the face detection function, but in the new ablation Touch ID was sawed still go back. The cost Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 6 included 64 GB of ROM and an OCTA-core Qualcomm processor 636.

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