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Announced the sad forecast for the Russian Federation

Озвучен печальный прогноз для РФRussia is waiting for the collapse.

Russia will go in the footsteps of the Soviet Union – it is doomed to collapse. This opinion was expressed on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” former Soviet intelligence officer, historian and writer Viktor Suvorov.

To the question, what future for Russia, he replied: “Decay”.

He also noted that the far East of Russia is now fully “occupied” by the Chinese, who are there all control, and Moscow, it all gave the nod. According to him, the Chinese did not go away from there.

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“Russia is waiting for the collapse. I won’t say when, but it will take some time, and in the following interview, we say, “it’s a Pity, but what can you do. This is the story”. Was a great socialist camp, and it crumbled. Then there was the great Soviet Union, but the same thing happened. This is a trend. Who’s next in line? After the collapse of the Soviet bloc has done nothing to stop it. The country sped down the hill, the Soviet Union crumbled, and again it was not made no attempt to stop it. The disintegration continues,” – said Suvorov.

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Earlier, the Russian opposition leader Ilya Ponomarev has told that Russia will not be able to recreate the Soviet Union, as the Empire created by the military are long gone. The politician did not rule out that the world still will appear larger unions of States.

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