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Announced the Nokia 3310 3G

The announcement of the classic cell phone Nokia 3310 3G, the new version of the eponymous mobile phone sample in February of this year. The device supports 3G cellular networks and is much more expensive, and, according to this logic, soon we will see Nokia 3310 3GS, then 4 and Nokia 3310.

From the point of view of hardware design and spec changes: to the mobile phone, presented six months ago, simply screw the support of cellular networks of the third generation, and no more, but the cost rose to as much as 70 euros, although for the money you can already buy a full-fledged Android smartphone, even with 4G. In fact, the Nokia 3310 3G was created exclusively for fans of the brand, but they have already managed to buy a collection of ordinary Nokia 3310 2017 and unlikely to spend money on useless feature of 3G in this phone is impossible to use the Internet (this writer tried it myself), but to call well you can on GSM.

On the other hand, for the Nokia 3310 3G brought new body colors – charcoal black, bright red, yellow and turquoise, two of which, however, was previously submitted. Branded dark blue color, inherited the phone from the first Nokia 3310 in 2000, somehow it got cut, and this is blasphemy. The start of sales of the Nokia 3310 3G will take place in mid-October of the current year at the price of 70 euros, and the Russian price is not yet announced.

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