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Announced release date of the hero of Fist of Death for Overwatch

Объявлена дата выхода героя Кулака Смерти для OverwatchThe number of characters in the game will reach twenty-five.

The fist of Death, we can say that a legendary character for Overwatch. It was mentioned in the very first trailer, but the game character will appear only next week, after a year of release.

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new video where he talked about how it was created, the Fist of Death. The gameplay for this character, the developers tried to convey the thrill of fighting games. It can be seen: Fist of Death relies on various combinations of punches, uppercuts and jerks, and from small arms he’s just not particularly cool wrist shotgun.

In the video, Blizzard also announced the launch date of the Fist of Death. He will appear in the game on all platforms on July 27. Recall that now you can try out a character only on a separate test server for PC.

Probably simultaneously with the Fist of Death, Blizzard will also introduce other changes from the test server. For example, now there is the updated system of the best moments of the match. You can capture any episode from the battle by pressing hot key, and then save it to a video file.

In addition, the containers on the test server drop less duplicates, and the balance changed again. For example, the graviton momentum of the Dawn is now blocking many of the opportunities for “escape” characters. That is, the D. Va will not fly out on accelerators, the Tracer will not be able to use leap, Genji — lightning strike and so on. Now graviton pulse captures the heroes like the trap of Krasavchika.

Finally, fans hope that the patch will prepare Overwatch to the “Summer games in 2017”. Blizzard has repeatedly hinted that within a year will repeat the last festive events. If hopes come true, dataminer happy to dig in the files for something interesting.

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