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Announced premiere date season 3 “ash”!

It’s already October, and the series “ash vs. evil dead” neither hearing nor the spirit! A disgrace! However, something fans and ready. Back in August we found out why season 3 of “ash” is deposited, and came to the conclusion that the blame for the company’s Lionsgate, who became the owner of the channel STARZ, and hence all his shows. It seems that the new bosses are in doubt about the profitability of the series.

Anyway, the sequel to “ash’s” still out, but already in 2018. Have a little patience.

In the third season the position of the ash in elk grove, Michigan will change dramatically: if earlier it was considered a murderer, a local urban legend, now people recognize him as the Savior and hero. Meanwhile, Kelly becomes a witness to the massacre of the television with a bunch of fingerprints ruby everywhere, along with a new friend she goes to ash and Pablo, to warn them, because evil has not died. Blood is thicker than water in the battle of good vs. evil dead!

English proverb “Blood is thicker than water” alludes to the theme of kinship, which will come to the fore in the season, because it comes suddenly announced his daughter ash, whose role will be performed by Ariel O’neill. Big roles have twenty-five year old actress has not yet happened, but it flashed in “timecop”, for example.

In addition, their roles will be back curly ray Santiago, funny Dan, Delorenzo, beautiful Xena warrior Princess Lucy lawless and, of course, Bruce Campbell. The latter, together with his longtime friend, the Creator of the trilogy “evil dead”, Director Sam Raimi serves as Executive producer of the series. The function performs the show-run mark Verheiden.

So “ash” will return to screens February 25, 2018!

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