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Announced a disappointing forecast of relations between Russia and the United States

Озвучен неутешительный прогноз отношений РФ и СШАSoon there would be the passions.

The Russian authorities will eventually change their positive attitude to the US President Donald Trump, as previously was the case with Barack Obama and George Bush.

This writes the with reference to Browser.

About it in the blog on “Echo of Moscow” was written by the Director of the Institute for international studies at Stanford University, former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, commenting on the recent visit to Washington, Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

“Despite all the problems in Russian-American relations, Russians can still come to the US to have a good time. Ask Sergei Lavrov, as far as America the beautiful. Judging by the smiles and laughter along with President trump in the oval office, his visit to Washington last week was excellent. The administration of the tramp showered the Russian foreign Minister, joyous talks on cooperation in the fight against terrorism, while avoiding any kind of discussion about democracy and human rights. I hope that someday will publish the full minutes of the meeting (Memorandum of Conversation) of trump and Lavrov”, – he said.

“Apart from classified information, which he handed to the other party a trump, and trump’s bragging about the dismissal of Komi, I suppose, in this Protocol the information that they did not discuss the annexation of the Crimea, the attack on the Bulk or the violation by Russia of the sovereignty of the United States during the presidential elections in 2016. If I were Laurel, I would have laughed too,” – said McFaul.

At the same time, the diplomat Lavrov has urged not to confuse the words trump the foreign policy of his administration and the American attitude to Russia

At a press conference after the meeting with trump, Minister Lavrov said happily: “Our dialogue at the moment, free from ideology, which was very typical for the Obama administration… and trump, And the Secretary of state, and his administration, as today I once again realized, business people, and they want to reach agreements not to someone to demonstrate their achievements from the point of view of ideological preferences”. Exactly what Lavrov said about presidents Bush and Obama, when they came to power. At the beginning of these new American presidents were lifted up as far from the ideology of pragmatism, in contrast with the previous President,” – says the expert.

“I very well remember the first meeting of Lavrov with President Obama in may 2009. I was there. (I wrote a MemCon!) He said almost the same thing about Obama, as opposed to ideological, imposing the freedom of the Bush team. And yet, at the end of the reign of Bush and Obama, the Russian government blamed both of these American presidents as ideologues. My prediction is we will witness the same behaviors in the case of trump,” – said the diplomat.

McFaul emphasized that the ideology of the new President of the United States is another.

“The debate about American foreign policy take place not between parties but inside them. Some debate between isolationists and internationalists. Others — among liberals-wilsonianism (or “neo-conservatives” in the Republican party) and the realists — those who believe in promoting democracy abroad and those who do not believe. Trump is an extremist in respect of these two disputes, he is an isolationist and realist. This distinguishes it from any President since the Second world war,” he explained.

“However,” continued the former Ambassador, beliefs trump in relation to these disputes surface.

“Remember this “realist” has bombed Assad for humanitarian reasons? (“Ideology” Obama never did.) Similarly, candidate trump promised to break contracts and commercial transactions, in accordance with isolationist thinking. But President trump embraced the Chinese President, XI changed his mind to ignite a trade war with China, and praised the us alliances as opposed to isolationist thinking. However, even if trump wanted to make “pragmatic”, “non-ideological” deal with Russia, many in his administration are not ready for this”, – said McFaul.

He expressed the opinion that trump will be particularly constrained in carrying out “pragmatic” policies towards Russia due to the ongoing investigations of Russian interference in our presidential elections.”

“It is a violation of our sovereignty, in the end, it was not pragmatic or non-ideological act, so many Americans are incensed at the White house if trump will try to ignore it,” – said the diplomat.

“I put in quotation marks the words “pragmatism” and “deideologized” because, of course, “pragmatism” is the “ideology” of another person. In my opinion, Putin has a very clear ideology, which he also vigorously pursues in international relations. He has his ideological allies Le Pen, Assad and so on. and he is opposed to their ideological enemies. Say it like it is” – he wrote.

McFaul said that for decades, Putin and his team are called on Americans to stop trying to change Russia.

“Maybe Russian politicians should stop trying to change America? Naive and certainly not pragmatic for Russian politicians to dream of a collaboration with the America that thinks and acts like Russia on the world stage. Instead of hoping that we will become the same as they may be, these Russian leaders should just accept us for who we are? Otherwise, even with trump again they will be disappointed after four or eight years, accusing us of the break of bilateral relations, as it was in the late Bush and Obama. Mr. Lavrov, stop being so romantic. Don’t be deceived about trump. We will never like you!” – summed up the ex-Ambassador.

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