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ANNIHILATION: the Philosophy of the cancer (REVIEW)

The expectation of this film was associated with a wide range of emotions: joy, anxiety growing, but in the end even drama. Remember, at first could not believe that the eponymous novel by Jeff vandermeer state really filmed. There is after all so strange, so subtle — how it is possible to visualize?

But you can see my rating above. Yes, they did.

So, what is “Annihilation”? Imagine the main character, her name is Lina, she’s a biologist, a former officer of the army. Reading the book, I pictured in this image a young Sigourney weaver, but the appointment of Natalie Portman did not upset, the benefit of this is perhaps my favorite actress. Talented, diverse, the star of “Leon” and “Black Swan”, and it’s not a blunder, appearing cheerful, loving in scenes from the past and closed, cautious in the future. Husband of Lina, Kane, performed by Oscar Isaac, is familiar to audiences for the blockbusters “Star wars: the force awakens” and “X-Men: Apocalypse” continues to serve in the army, and then disappearing in a secret government missions with his unit. And here I want to say: “But one day he never came back.” That is the only problem is that he just came back. However, quite different.

Where visited Kane? Damn he doesn’t remember, but Lina soon finds out everything without it. This place is called Area X and… to be honest, at first glance it looks like an exact carbon copy of “roadside Picnic”! Something crashed from the sky, covered the kind of territory where everything changes, but the government are still classified, and placed next to the Institute to study. Inspired by Lee vandermeer state famous novel by the Strugatsky brothers? Says no, although other works by the Strugatsky read and loves them. And not felt it as a rip-off, for that matter. There is another area, no traps-anomalies and artifacts, there are no rules of survival, all is a little thinner here, a little weirder. And the main thing is to get there and return the same. Zone X distorts everything, like a prism, the rays of light. And in both cases it is beautiful.

However, “beautiful” — this is about adaptation. World book seemed to me at the time, almost colorless, cold and fragile as the mist, but Director Alex garland, as it turned out, sees it differently. The color gamma of the picture a bit dull, but Area X is a wonderful combination of subtle colours, highlights and ornate patterns, ukreplyalsya in reality, not immediately, gradually, like invisible mold, a whimsical moss, cancer.

All of this is great took me. The New weird vandermeer state entwined with the strict attitude of the garland to the visual. Lina is sent to Area X, to understand what happened to Kane. Fortunately there just equips another expedition. As the previous attacks failed, this time resolved to compile a team of women scientists, and not from men soldiers. The team recruited curious, everyone has their own secrets, their own reasons to decide on a suicide mission. Opportunities to unfold for the characters of the second plan a little — some only one or two scenes. Scheduled stingy strokes, they largely remain a mystery for the viewer. Stands out among them psychologist Ventress, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. The star of “hateful eight” has created an unpleasant, but interesting image, which is guessed the hidden depths of their own drama.

Overall though, the characters are not so important. Even Lina, her former love of Kane and the subsequent self-hatred, her naturalness in the flashback and stiffness in this are just tiny details and large, sprawling pattern. Interestingly, this film does not want to compare with “Stalker”, but with “Solaris” by Andrei Tarkovsky of the Association, and they are strong. Not that “Annihilation” came the religious interpretation inherent in the Soviet film Director, however, and understanding of Stanislaw LEM, the author of the original novel, to map somehow not enough, too much is cheap. Solaris LEM follows the outline of the object, not touching him, Tarkovsky’s Solaris can also be a source of all things. Zone X seems to unite both. It contained “Shimmer” comes in contact with the environment, with people, with the reality but does it? Anyway is it possible to somehow explain his actions? So life develops, a cancer. Here’s everything we know about the local philosophy.

I wonder what would be the “Annihilation” if it was directed “Stalker”? The garland is colorful, dynamic. It’s definitely art-house, but taken with love to the viewer, not only to the painting itself. Tarkovsky on acid? Maybe Andrew Arsen’evich about it would have removed today? Anyway, for Alex garland’s the next big thing. If in the Thriller “Out of the car” he told us deliberately chamber a parable, it is here unfolded in full and presented to the audience an amazing mixed fabric, both frightening and mesmerizing.

Just think, there is blood, shouting bears, blooming lovely flowers, and human insides swirl in a sickening continuous waltz…

So what? Really too hard as feared producer David Ellison, head of Skydance Productions? Well, if you are expecting a typical sci-Fi about alien invaders, then Yes, take “Annihilation” will be difficult. If you are willing to weird, if you want to touch the unknowable, then it’s easy. And the epilogue pattern is quite obvious and should not leave questions in the audience.

Terribly sorry “Annihilation” not shown in Russia, that was to me the drama, I mentioned at the beginning. But not justified anxiety caused by the trailer. Then the suspicion crept in that the film will be the usual blockbuster. But no, Alex garland has confirmed its status as one of the most interesting contemporary Directors in the genre of science fiction. And his “Annihilation”, I’m sure, will qualify for all the major awards. At least for me it is movie of the year at the moment. However, it is unlikely my words you can believe…

Zone X no one returns unchanged.

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