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Anna Sedokova showed the face of a new boyfriend, and hinted at the engagement

33-year-old Anna Sedokova no longer hide that her heart is once again filled. December 5, the singer posted in Instagram photo with a stranger and told that he was very happy.


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“In one moment a miracle happens in your life It appears… The best. You know it’s not right. Only after those trials that you are facing destiny. And the more intended the love, the harder the tricks of fate. He’s the best. And today I already know that. Thank heavens. Thanks for everything,” wrote a celebrity (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

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Then many subscribers Sedokova was skeptical about her confession, saying that was confused in her novels. Singer on criticism did not respond, but published a picture, which first showed the face of a new lover.

“Leave just. Harder to stay. To be there when the other person gets hurt. To give without hope to receive in return. I didn’t realize it before. Thought about self-sufficiency, development, respect. But knew nothing important. Love. Real. It turned out to be another. I write these lines and think of you”, — has signed a frame of the star.

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Attentive fans of Anna noticed the ring on her ring finger of the right hand, which is very similar to an engagement. Do Sedokova received an offer of marriage and is now preparing for the wedding?

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