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Anna Sedokova presented a new video and told the truth about the boyfriend

Anna Sedokova recently hinted that her heart is once again filled. December 5, the singer posted in Instagram photo with a stranger and told that he was very happy.


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Then many subscribers Sedokova was skeptical about her confession, saying that was confused in her novels. Singer on criticism did not respond, but published a picture, which first showed the face of a new lover and a ring, very similar to an engagement. Fans of the singer were puzzled, too quickly developed her relationship with the new lover.

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Soon everything was in its place. It turns out that the stranger in the photo is the hero of the new video Sedokova for the song “The best”. The video also starred youngest daughter Anna Monica.

“Every day I strive to be better. Not better than others, and better yourself in the past. I was always looking for unconditional love and just now realized that it is in the acceptance of the person by anyone, especially in difficult moments. To stay when you want to go. To be around, even if it seems the whole world is against you. To hold hands, even if another hand is exhausted. Be strong when your loved one is weak. I will always teach their daughters to the kindness, understanding and support in the family,” commented her new job, Anna (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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