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Anna Sedokova for SPLETNIK.RU “I am proud of their shapes, fluffiness and softness”

Anna Sedokova

35-year-old Anna Sedokova cannot be called secretive star willingly shares with followers on the social network intimate and personal, leads a column about sex and very kindly disposed towards journalists. Over the past year in the life of the singer has undergone many changes. We talked with Anna about the married men, based on Instagram and why she will never lose weight for the sake of the beloved.

After watching the promo of cough drops with Philip Kirkorov, can not help but ask, what is the most unusual product you have offered to advertise on Twitter?

Strange, of course, to start with this interview. But I once suggested advertising money from thrush (laughs. — Approx. ed.). In fact, I understand that this issue bothers many women, but I think that some things should remain intimate. When I was pregnant with Hector, I have repeatedly offered to advertise the breast pump.

And as Natalia Vodianova, who posted a photo with a gasket and are encouraged to speak about menstruation? How do you feel about that?

I don’t have enough confidence to talk about it. So I badly imagine such a post in his Instagram.

How you react to comments on Twitter like, “God, how can you put such explicit photos, the children were watching”?

I live with it long enough. Already used. I had a period in my life when I have finished at some point, after all these statements and allegations of excessive frankness. After that, I clearly decided that I’m bad, I’m not. I even hired a stylist who dressed me in dark grey and swamp thing, were forced to abandon jewelry. Amazing happened, I was so no one loved and the most stylish is not recognized. And then I realized that each person has its own nature. Their features are Monica Bellucci and Emily Ratzkowski — so I did. To abandon their nature is to betray yourself. I decided to accept myself for who I am. On this subject, I even talked to a psychologist. He explained to me that people not criticize you, but a way of life, values they fiercely protect their positions and rules. Everyone is fighting for what’s dear to him. I’m never going to live the way they want, because everything is very different.

You, unlike many stars, do not respond to negativity on social media. This is your fundamental position?

My team tells me periodically: “why don’t you speak for once. Look, Nastasya Samburski, Natalia Rudova, they’re cool.” I also admire their courage, sometimes even start to write the review, and then think: “Here I am back, tell the fool, what?” I live by the principle that evil ought not to pass on you.

When was the last time he left without a network, without the iPhone, made a digital detox?

Recently, when the recessed phone. Oh, it’s a wonderful feeling when you’re out of range of the network. Sometimes I just lay the phone and all say that I do not and I with children. I think you have yourself to arrange a digital detox, and do it regularly.

I wanted to publish something, was breaking about this?

I don’t believe in dependency on Instagram, I believe in your dependence on people. We all spread these pictures are not in order to be liked, and that He saw or She saw. If I’m wrong, you can throw a stone at me (laughs. — Approx. ed.). I teach my daughter what is necessary to generate the content more than to absorb. In any case, to look at other people and to spend time on it — it is absolutely senseless occupation.

Only when very tired, I can afford as onlookers stare at the other life, 15 minutes at the most. First make something, write about books, travel, films that could inspire people.

Do you think the constant hang-up the phone affect our beauty? They say that a double chin appears due to the fact that we are constantly looking down at a smartphone screen…

I absolutely do not believe, then we can say that children hinder us, we’re also for kids top down look. I believe that the phone negatively affects our brains and, consequently, on mental health. I think that all of us it is very important to learn to concentrate on your own life. It’s complicated. There are two aspects when we focus on the outside or when you fall in love, on another person’s life. I’m guilty of this. If you fall in love, all thoughts of him and about him: “where is he, what is he, why not write, but as we have time to spend?”

The biggest problem is when you stop thinking about yourself. For example, I as a person that grew with a large number of complexes, very rarely thought of himself. Self esteem cannot be raised to such a global level that it got in your way. When you have high self esteem, you’re happy and can make other people happy. It’s like Labkovsky, you’ll never leave what you love. He was against Smoking said.

I, for instance, try to refuse from the flour. I love bread, rolls, soup… I have no day in my life spent without flour. Because it is love! But it is rather a question of form, and force of will. I taste the strength of my willpower.

In one interview you said that women should be the weight in which she loves herself. You weighing?

I have a couple of weeks ago there was no balance in the house. I am being very clear that I would never be weighed and it’s all wrong. My weight has never affected relations with men. Happiness in life has nothing to do with how much you weigh.

I’m glad to count myself to the category of plump women. I’m proud of my forms, its splendor and softness. This is what distinguishes us from men. I am was born. My mom has large Breasts and hips, grandma is exactly the same. I’ll never be able to look like Vera Brezhneva.

All my life I weighed 60 pounds. Suddenly I came to the scales and found that I weigh 66. “Too much”, I thought. Actually, I have a big problem with willpower. I’m a workaholic. Can not sleep for days, hold concerts one after the other, but to abandon the buns can’t.

That is, if you have a night feed, you run to the kitchen for a muffin?

No, I’ll go for the dumplings.

I plan to transfer dumplings for lunch. Of course, I can justify myself with the fact that I have such a profession. I come in the morning, no time to cook. While I survived the whole day, proud of myself (laughs. — Approx. ed.). I plan to allow yourself all there is only one day a week — Saturday. And the remaining days to live in anticipation of something delicious. Not a damn thing out without sport. So all this, of course, a symbiosis. Main Board — sort it out with his intestines.

Now many celebrities resort to permanent make-up. How do you feel about this procedure?

I had a moment of weakness when I googled the work of different artists, were interested in permanent lip makeup. But my makeup artists talked me out of it. But eyebrows, I think it’s too much. Said that the color may change, and the horror stories I porasskazyvali. I’m a big fan of pencils for the lips. I believe that all problems can be solved with pencil. But it is possible that one morning I will Wake up and will themselves want to do permanent makeup.

What procedures go to the salon and what can you do at home by yourself?

Peelings and masks do it yourself. God, what genius came up with patches and fabric mask how we lived without them before! What we could be beautiful, if it’s early invented!

The beautician gave me one tip: while you brush your teeth, go in the shower, cook Breakfast, and put himself a mask. On 15 minutes. But what do professional beauticians, it is impossible to do at home.

Was there some kind of beauty procedure, about which you later regretted?

It was in America. Two years ago I decided to give in to this wave and to increase their lips. This is the first time I am telling and probably the last (laughs. — Approx. ed.). Immediately after the injection my lip began to grow to epic proportions. I looked in the mirror and realized: “I’m such an idiot!” I with these my lips look as stupid and comical. As soon as arrived in Moscow, already ran to another beautician to inject hyaluronidase and faster to clean it up. I decided to give it up.

By the way, many notice that in America and in Europe, the quality of beauty services is lame. Do you think what is the reason?

I think that the requirements of others. Look at our girls, we otherwise look, and the requirements of our men are quite different. If you come into any institution and ten girls, nine guys. Now half of the homosexual people, a quarter of married, and, in fact, of the nine guys we have one at least some. It is clear that we need to adorn ourselves and stand out. But if you, for example, coming to Berlin or Munich, you’ll see there is such a concentration of beautiful, bright and well-groomed girls.


I remember once I came to America, couldn’t understand why all wear chucks. We are still laughing with Maxim (ex-husband of Anna. — Approx. ed.), how come in the morning from a restaurant in Los Angeles at seven in the morning, he overdressed, I’m wearing earrings and heels, people looked like a complete idiots. Because heels put on there only after five in the evening and that if this is a direct serious event. Devices which are in Russia, abroad there. Hands, such as we have, there either.

You are in one of the posts said that you often write in PM married men. Someone sends words of admiration, someone wants to continue the dialogue. Have you had any experience with married men? Do you think that runs nonfree young people so openly flirting online?

All men, with whom I met, was free. Never in my life I was not even this question. I was often asked friends: “Anya, where did you find them?” I do not attract such men, I never wanted to participate in this contest. I’m sure karma is a beach, and then someday I’ll be out. Finding his first wife at the home of his girlfriend, remembering their condition, I would not like and would not wish anybody that.

Of course, everything changes. It is difficult to find a pair. It is 18 all the guys free, and when you’re 35… You’re not going with a 21-year-old to meet. Usually, men at this age already with a certain baggage: someone married, someone is unhappy with his life.


Those unfree men who openly flirt, as a rule, hunters. They need to conquer someone new. We got the girls some characters, which we are discussing, they regularly write to each of us. We look at the wives of these men and wonder: “Well, surely you don’t suspect anything? Do you never check direct?” For example, I so not answer, and 90% of girls will answer. These men are gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, famous and rich. They know how to get around. Never such a man does not say, “I Have such a beautiful wife, I love her, she is incredible.” They usually say, “Yes, we’ve been not together, live in different cities, she loves me not, I am sad and sad.”

Many of their wives live a happy life, they have stability, bag, apartment, car, a certain social status. When I write: “Well, you’re a mother, a divorcee, where’s your husband? What you all have cast from you all the men run away”. And I would not be able to tolerate. If I found out that my man is someone a member sent me, I probably would not be killed, but just sent at once to hell.

The world is full of nice, fine free and ready to relationships between men and women. We need to concentrate on this.

Why do you think your famous post about the lack of sex and not kissed for months lips caused such a negative in women and admiration in men?

I often stand on display your life in order to show them how to do or don’t need. Let people learn best from my mistakes. I am a kind of voice of his generation. To speak and to hide their real emotions I’m not going. At that moment I really didn’t have a boyfriend, it was feeling that I wanted to share. But you’re absolutely right, such a successful (laughs. — Approx. ed.), after that post, I also was never. I was invited on a date, probably about ten thousand people. And I’m not understated.

It is believed that if the girl has no boyfriend, she should be silent, sad and crying on the sidelines. But it seems to me that we should not remain silent. You need to enjoy every moment of your life!

By the way, the voice of a generation… You recently published a post in support of Veronica Dedusenko (miss Ukraine, which was deprived of the title). Why are you siding with her?

I happened to read about her story in the news. I don’t know Veronica, are irrelevant to the competition and I am afraid that after that post certainly won’t be (laughs. — Approx. ed.). I think it’s very foolish to deprive her of the title, and these rules are stupid. We do not have serfdom! How a child can be a obstacle! Many wrote that if she wants to, then let them participate in the “Mrs. Ukraine”. Let’s look at the situation soberly, “Mrs. Ukraine” is a contest of a completely different level.

According to the logic of the organizers, if she at the age of 19 have an abortion, then she would have a chance to become the most beautiful girl Ukraine. When I sang in a famous band and found out she was pregnant, I had a choice: either to have an abortion and continue to sing in the group and become terribly rich and famous, or to keep the baby. I was horrified to imagine that Alina would be in my life now was not.

The man is second, third, and most importantly — the child. If God gives the child, give the child. My mother used to say: “Who needs you without a husband and child?” I, you know, necessary. Now I have interviews of the top Internet publishing in the country, and you ask my opinion on the matter. Sure that children never be an obstacle to your goals.

And you are now in love?

Yes, I’m in love and I think I have a boyfriend (laughs. — Approx. ed.).

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