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Anna Sedokova admitted that he had gained weight, and told how they are going to lose weight

Anna Sedokova

35-year-old Anna Sedokova is one of the most seductive and attractive singers of the Russian pop scene. The mother of three children, she is in fine form, as evidenced by the numerous selfies and candid photos in a bikini in Instagram that are subscribers to her delight. However, the star seems lately her figure is not very happy. She admitted she recovered and now plans to fight obesity.

A couple of hours ago she has published in his blog a mouth-watering picture, which is eating spaghetti and drinking wine, and open up with fans.

It is familiar to me. Spaghetti, dumplings and buns. I love flour. I am constantly in the hall, and regular exercise has always helped me to avoid punishment for them. But, deciding to purchase a home Libra, my life a week ago has changed dramatically. On the screen was displayed the figure of six pounds more than the one I was going to lose weight. My cheerfulness shouted: “What are you, stupid, not in this happiness, you and this love.” But others jeans, which I entered, quickly drowned out by their PR.

So today I have an important day. For the first time in my life, I will try to do it without flour and without sugar. I decided to spend one day completely hungry for 24 hours. But, do you think I can do it? Who me? There are tips on buns?

— she turned to her fans.

Subscribers stars were divided into two camps: some began to talk about their experiences of such a diet and began to give Sedokova advice, others noted that such measures star to anything — it’s looks great, and so radical methods in the fight against excess weight will cause the body more stress than it relieves.

You have a great options that roach is no longer in fashion!

Fat? Everyone would figure as you have

Annie, you do not need to lose weight. You and all you love. You have a great figure

— I wrote to her fans.

She seems to retreat and not planning to even enter into dialogue with Internet users, who share with her their experiences in losing weight and fasting days.

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