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Anna Grachevskaya went under the surgeon’s knife to increase buttocks

Social networks 30-year-old Anna Grachevskii full of her candid photos. It would seem that searing brunette is proud of her forms and doesn’t want anything to change in yourself. However, it turned out that Grachevskaya are not completely satisfied with their appearance, namely the buttocks.

Grachevskoe wanted to add volume to their forms, and she asked for help to a plastic surgeon. The operation took place in Saint-Petersburg under the direction of Dr. Timur Nugaev.

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Anna before the surgery


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For buttock augmentation doctor used implants, as well as adipose tissue Anna. “The first phase was the fence of adipose tissue of those places that Anne considered problematic. Then we created two pockets for the implants and put them in there. Also we did patient have liposuction in the abdomen, waist and hips. Anna specially “spoilt”, so we can borrow from her fat tissue. The whole operation lasted 7 hours,” said the surgeon in an interview

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While Grachevskaya increased my buttocks, Alena Vodonaeva, on the contrary, get rid of unwanted volume — TV host had plastic surgery for breast reduction. Now the star third dimension instead of the fifth.

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