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Ani Lorak suspected of plagiarism

Ани Лорак подозревают в плагиатеIn the clip, the singer noticed the similarities with the works of Svetlana Loboda and Jennifer Lopez

Famous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who leads an active career in Russia, once again suspected of plagiarism. The star recently unveiled video for the song “Crazy”.

Fans of the singer saw in it a similarity with the video of Svetlana Loboda on the track “Your eyes”. Also, the fans saw a resemblance with clips of the famous singer Jennifer Lopez. Clips Loboda and Carolina KUEK begin with the fact that in the frame there is a car somewhere in the desert resort.

The video is commented by many netizens: “the video is beautiful. Lorak beautiful, great everything… but is so boring, no ideas, song ordinary, reminded of something Loboda – “Your eyes”. Everyone is always very monotonous, I would like some kind of explosion, well, it may be better!”. “Under Loboda decimated”. “Parody clip Loboda “Your eyes”.

“Loboda”. “The video is good though a little reminiscent of clip Lights Loboda previous seasons , the voice is gorgeous, but the song is a bit weak”. “Very nice, but completely copied from multiple clips Jennifer Lopez”. “Copies Loboda! And much of”. “Some of the scenes look like clip JLo – “I’m into you”. Especially where it rests on man”.

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