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Ani Lorak boasted results of grueling workouts

Ани Лорак похвасталась результатами изнурительных тренировокCarolina showed his “steel” press than delighted the audience in the social network.

39-year-old Ani Lorak is one of the few artists who at that age can boast so pumped and trained body. On his page on Instagram, the singer shared a new photo where it is embodied in physical form in the gym.

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Ani is depicted in the picture without makeup, but it did not bother her fans, because their attention is drawn to “steel” the press of the artist. Her figure was compared to the “hourglass” and it actually looks that way.

In appearance Ani Lorak clear that it is no wonder regularly attends dance and fitness rooms, there she works hard, so you dignity to do a selfie in my underwear or a short topic.

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Ани Лорак похвасталась результатами изнурительных тренировок

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