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Angry hippos nearly tore the crocodile. Video

Разъяренные бегемоты едва не разорвали крокодила. ВидеоA herd of hippos attacked a small crocodile, accidentally swim into their territory.

A fight between a herd of hippos and a crocodile recorded in the Serengeti national Park in Tanzania. Video of the clashes more than 30 hippos and crocodile took 71-year-old photographer Harish Kumar, who traveled through the Park in a group of Dutch tourists.

Tourists were just next to the pond, which is called the “Pool of hippos”. They noticed that the lake is something going on.

As it turned out, among the flocks of several dozen hippos happened to be a large crocodile. The hippos, who are known for their aggressive and warlike nature, it is not like forced neighbors: they pounced on the reptile and began throwing her from side to side, grabbing mouths.

Part of what happened, managed to take video until the moment that the crocodile managed to get to open water and escape from angry hippos.

Recall that in Namibia more than 100 hippos died from anthrax. Experts say that the cause of the infection could be a drop in the water level in the river and the emergence of bacteria that were hiding in the soil for many years.

Now the Park staff fear that the victims of the disease can become buffalos and crocodiles.

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