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Angry bull suddenly attacked a woman in India. Video

Разъяренный бык внезапно напал на женщину в Индии. Видео Aggressive animal freely walking the streets of the city.

The government of India banned the selling of the old animals to the slaughter, and as owners in this case don’t know what to do with the same bull or cow, which become in old age a burden for the peasant, just kicked the beast into the street. Stray animals are increasing, and they start to bring the population already in serious trouble.

For example, recently in the city Bharucha bull attacked the woman, throwing up her horns. Surveillance camera (see video below) recorded as on the street goes quiet young woman, but for her also quietly moving bull.

What was the outburst of aggression to the animal, it is not clear, maybe it remembered the insult to her mistress, who deprived him of his daily feed, drove to the street, but the bull suddenly lunges at the woman and literally throws her into the air.

Witnesses rushed to help the victim, while the bull, paying no more attention to anyone else, slowly continues on his way.

The woman was hospitalized, she can say, escaped with slight shock and a few bruises moderate, to her life threatens nothing.

The question is: what he thinks about the government and is it willing to cancel such a short-sighted decision?

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