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Angelina Jolie wore an elegant dress

Анджелина Джоли одела элегантное платьеAngelina Jolie traveled to Peru with a 3-day visit.

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie does not intend all his time to devote to her divorce from brad pitt. Star went to Peru, where he took part in the official event and talked to the refugees.

According to The Daily Mail, Angelina Jolie traveled to Peru with a 3-day visit. This is the first in a long time the official release of the star as a goodwill Ambassador of the UN.

The reason for travel Angelina Jolie is the poor economic situation of Venezuelans who are leaving the country EN masse and settled in Peru. It is in this refugee center was visited by the Hollywood star, who spoke with people and took part in the official conferences with the participation of Minister of foreign Affairs of Peru.

“Venezuelans with whom I met, described the situation in his country is critical. I’ve heard stories of people who die for lack of medical help. None of the Venezuelans with whom I met, wanted no help from philanthropists. They want to be able to help themselves. Many of them admitted: “We didn’t want to leave their homeland, but we had” – said Angelina Jolie.

Before participants of conference and journalists Hollywood actress shone in an elegant black dress with chiffon sleeves and lace neckline. Angelina Jolie has dismissed luxury hair and made a subtle makeup.

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