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Angara made fun of a family in which the child is sick with coronavirus

В Приангарье затравили семью, в которой ребенок заболел коронавирусом

In the Irkutsk region the woman with two children returned from Thailand and, as expected, spent two weeks in isolation. But one of the children found the coronavirus. The messengers appeared personal data and place of residence of all family members, and local residents began their poison. A family with a sick child forced to protect the police.

As reported by the administration of Ust-Kut, a woman with two children returned to the city after a holiday in Thailand. The family had been in isolation for 14 days, as required. Because signs of the disease, no one was, the mother went to work. And only a day from the Irkutsk anti-plague Institute of Siberia and the Far East came the results of tests on the coronavirus. The youngest child of seven years was a positive test. He has no signs of disease, COVID-19 asymptomatic. Mother managed to work one day, the father-shift workers was at home.

Oberstab to combat the spread of coronavirus Irkutsk region has published information about the appearance in Ust-Kut of the first infected. After that, the local social networks began to appear data on the family, as well as insults and threats. Moreover, in the urban group in Viber posted the address of residence and information about parents ‘ job and personal data of all members of the family.

The family is refused admission, all relatives were at his apartment. They were guarded by police.

The administration of the Ust-Kut district appealed to the regional Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs with a request to conduct a probe into the disclosure of personal data and harassment of a family with a sick child. In the entrance, where the family lives, unable to enter quarantine. Now the city Prosecutor’s office analyzes the legal basis for this. Also installed all possible contacts of the family.

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