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Anfisa Chekhova shared the secret of rapid weight loss

 Анфиса Чехова поделилась секретом стремительного похуденияShe encouraged to love themselves and to deal with them holistically, not superficially.

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov, who rapidly lost weight about a year ago, often hear questions about how she did it.

In Instagram she wrote a succinct post about what is important to do to obtain the desired body.

“Since the issue of weight loss remains the most sought after you, tell you once again. Specifically I didn’t do anything to lose weight! At some point in life it became clear to me that I am more concerned with what’s inside me than outside. And all the outer is always a reflection of the inner! We mostly are aiming for a good look, there is something cut and sew on the face and body, tormented her shell, racked my willpower, and the result is always not always”, – says Anfisa.

 Анфиса Чехова поделилась секретом стремительного похудения

According to her, people need to learn to take care of yourself from the inside out.

“A person who cares about the inner condition of his body, certainly breaks the jackpot in this visual casino! For example, visceral massage. So, when visceral massage therapist started pushing on my stomach, I howled in pain. Try it now press down hard on your belly in a circle. Nice? Probably not. And in a healthy person, the bodies of which are on their places, no blocks and muscle spasms, nothing can’t hurt, even with very strong pressure! Now I can sleeve up to her elbow in the stomach to submerge and I won’t feel a thing”, – joked the presenter.

Chekhov said that visceral massage therapist hands returns the organs to their natural places starts your metabolism, circulation of blood and lymph, and helps the organs to recover.

“Well, and most importantly, digestion, lazy, stagnant swamps turns into a raging mountain river, digests everything but the nails! Therefore, the weight goes, and the food is better digested and not deposited on the sides as in hamster cheeks!” – said Anfisa.

Summing all this, the presenter gave important advice to his followers: “You kept asking how to lose weight, what to eat, what to do! My main answer, like the whole thing! Not only outside but inside! And take care of yourself holistically! From head to toes! I appeal to stop a fight! Statement to care for, to cherish!”.

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