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Anfisa Chekhov showed how pose used to Wake up

Анфиса Чехова показала, в какой позе привыкла просыпатьсяThe presenter went on vacation and now indulges his fans with fresh images.

Anfisa Chekhova shared on Instagram the next intriguing the from vacation, which it captured in bed. Television star almost subsided, “fifth point” on the pillow and his feet raised on the wall.

Anfisa was photographed in a mini dress, so she was able to demonstrate their perfect legs, which is addressed to all the compliments from followers of the presenter.

So Anfisa signed their own bed selfie: “When you look cute, but the Gorgon and then breaks out.
Me these dreams there are dreams. Just scripts of movies or Mexican soap operas, with bloody fights, abandoned pregnant women, flying, inversions, and with a bunch of my friends in the lead roles. Today’s Vika Bonya suddenly came to brag about a new collection of clothes. Nitsche so the collection was in my dream)) But I’ve noticed the people that think most…in his sleep don’t come at all! Many do not call them and ask to come to your dreams”.

Fans bathed Chekhov compliments and gave nearly 15 thousand likes.

Анфиса Чехова показала, в какой позе привыкла просыпаться

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