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Andrey Malakhov was in the center of the scandal with talented children in the Kremlin

Yesterday in the State Kremlin Palace hosted the final of children’s contest “Cup of Art Premium,” which was marked by a very scandalous situations. The parents of the participants gathered in the center of the hall and loudly chanted: “Shame!” putting the event in jeopardy.

As it turned out, did not pass the final the kids had another day to receive diplomas, but the organizers canceled the award ceremony for unknown reasons. In the end, for three hours, the children were not only without diplomas, but without food or water. Some became so bad that we had to call the doctor, but the organizers chose not to get in touch.

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Then came on the scene Andrey Malakhov to try to resolve the situation. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” quoted by the broadcaster: “I know what you all early in the morning here that some called the ambulance. But you believe that you are in the same situation. I was invited, just like you. Said coming talented children from across the country and will have the chance to meet you. Today you still have a chance to be on stage of the Kremlin”.

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All the anger gathered struck Malakhov, who had to face many very reasonable questions. “Initially it was said that here, in 16 hours will come, the kids who didn’t go to the gala concert and awarding ceremony. But behind the scenes we found out that awards will not be any. About the tickets here. It’s an invitation, right? They are usually not paid money, but we took 2,500 rubles. Many children came here for free — it’s true. But there is no organization, there is like squeezing money out of children,” said one of those present.

“That’s how we are going to explain to our children who worked seven days a week? We cold 40 degrees, they have all the time rehearsing. And we need to explain to them that they will not be rewarded “because”? At the gala-concert we initially could not reach, because participation in it was painted for a month. And we are in the sweltering heat, hungry, in the sweltering heat played in the competition. They fought to be praised. They came from the North to perform together on one stage with Malakhov, Kirkorov… We are adults and it turns out that we’ve been fooling them. There are children who are waiting for their performances — they deserve it, too. And we do not even deserve to go to diplomas” — shared sore the mother of one of children.

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“I was very upset. Still, the Old New year. I thought pajaritos meeting with talented children, come home, I’ll tell the family. And I’m going with a disturbed heart, because I know that these children they are disappointed with the reception, organization, lack of diplomas and what not got on a concert in the Kremlin. Perhaps played the role that the organizers from St. Petersburg, a concert staged in Moscow, on a platform in the Kremlin. I don’t want to think that we are Ostap Bender wanted to annoy and make bad children”, — summed up the incident Andrey Malakhov.

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