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Andrey Makarevich said, “the righteous” and “martyrs” to the question about heaven

Андрей Макаревич ответил "праведникам" и "мученикам" на вопрос о рае

Tireless in every way, musician, artist, writer, poet and, of course, citizen – Andrei Makarevich, properlycan days in the Network a short song sketch of “Paradise”, which, of course, this Network is highly excited, once again stirred up the ether of space and time unexpected exhibition.

Now to numerous techniques the master was mastered and serigraphy. Under the motto “Life is short and sad, there is no error of time”, issued also in the form of silk-screen prints in an elegant black frame, he discovered one of his favorite galleries in the exhibition “the Principle of the red” in collaboration with artist-avant-gardist Alla Reshetnikova.

All in a very exciting red colors. Alarming notes were added, as in the novel of Stendhal, juicy strokes of black. And even white – the Foundation of any painting – red-dark background was pulsating with nervous flashes. First selfie of guests happily did with “vystavlenna” against the background of black-and-red-portrait Makarevich. Began questioning. “Well, I’m not crazy to myself to draw, I’m not Rembrandt,” a shock to all of cheerful Makar, guests can SIP red wine in the concept of the color exhibition of sentiment, therefore. That is, avangardistki Reshetnikova, for the occasion, departed from his own principles and abstraktsionistskih nprintable quite a cover lik a rock musician. In all other respects it was highly avant – garde smears, blots, spots, stains, arc, point, comma…

Works Makarevich against this background stood out, of course, with more specificity exaggerated figures – human, feline. Yes, cats he still loves. “It’s also an abstraction?”, vaguely interested other not very privy to the nuances of artistic genres guests.

– I am very far from iskusstvenny fields, patiently and, I thought, with a touch of condescension replied Andrew, – it is not like some kind of classification to arrange – it’s rock, it’s pop, it’s a abstraction, it is the Wanderers. For myself, I determine by how me something close or like it. Since I received a good education, I believe that not very subjective – in the sense that it can distinguish work worthy of little interest. And a dancer – not an abstraction, but a very specific way: legs, arms, head…


– And the “Principle of red” is a revolution?

Terribly peculiar people, and especially, apparently, Soviet, and Russian, to put some concrete meaning to abstract concepts. If not, they’re looking for him, and invent all the same glued. For me, red is just a color. And black for me, just the color. I’m not looking for associations related to some notions, rebellion, revolution…

– Just this time – nervous, volatile, as fearfully expressed in power. Enemies, you know, around – cockroaches from cracks, revolution, especially when the students are hung on the Gun jaunty shoes on the trees… the Communists, again, spoil the reporting on the elections. And here you are with his “Principle of red”

– Alla (Reshetnikova) suggested. But I basically love the combination of white and red, white and black…

Stendahl also respected… Slava Zaitsev, Soviet guru fashion – a favorite of his “Holy Trinity”: black, white, red. Classic!

Yes. Well, because good combination.

– I see you hung a Pantheon of silk red, white, and black ballerinas. And why is that?

– Again! I don’t know! I’m completely off my head when I paint. I bring a hand to paper and let still do not know what I would draw. Expect that paper will tell me.

And she suggested, then ballerina?


But this is an abstract dancer, or a model posed?

No not a model. Never draw dancers from life.

And like Volochkova. Yes, powerful legs… a rebellion in the red-black-white Volochkova… Right her…

– No, God forbid.

In his latest song sketch, or rather the remark, saying first person at the Valdai forum, where he was going to heaven, and enemies prophesied hell, you seem to have some doubt the certainty of this outcome? Even claim that and archangels at the entrance to heaven will not allow it…

– A statement is, shall we say, weird, if we remain within the framework of political correctness.

– Well, the song you were less politically correct, mother, like a real Cord…

– My statement referred to somewhere boorish. I absolutely do not consider it rude, because if to speak about the appeal to the President, I called there and the “stiff upper lip”, and “handsome”. No more! And the rest, in General, not about him. What is not typical for me in this life, so is rudeness.

– Where do you think he will get into heaven or hell?

– I think that Paradise – a highly abstract concept.

Yes, the song is very nagado you described is the example of martyrs…

And hell is also a very abstract concept. We know nothing about what awaits us after death, but to expect any lurid pictures-pink angels swing and the devils with hooves, goat horns and a pitchfork – a bit serious for adults.

But yours, as always, graceful Aesop a figure of speech and merciless satire, thinly disguised under the guise of melancholic irony, described the situation of total hell, isn’t it?

– If to speak seriously, then, forgive me, but for the last four years, judging by events directly or indirectly related to our country, so we are the righteous, the martyrs… Right suffered! From the Crimea to Skipala – one suffering…

Well, around the same enemies, very often pupyrchatoy toads, the love expressed by Philip, and we pink and fluffy. It’s an axiom!

– That’s it.

– This “Principle of the red”, as your other artistic and aesthetic exercise in different fields, genres and formats, you’re emotionally dispersed to the 50th anniversary of “Time Machine” in the next year?

– No. Do not all in a heap in the way. Actually while I am waiting with dread of its approach, this anniversary. And somewhat fascinated. Like a frog before a snake. And this is just made because it is necessary to bring, to take, to its logical end. You can, of course, to draw, to fold into a box and let it lie, but, in my opinion, it is not correct. And now I’m calm. Can this page flip and tomorrow to do something next.

– Exhibition theme: “Life is short and sad, there is no error of time.” How many mistakes have you made in your short and sad life?

– I try to follow this principle, and error could be much more…

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