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Andrey Chadov has helped the younger brother Alexei to survive a divorce with Agnia Ditkovskite

Shadowy brothers — Alex and Andrew were the guests of the program “One day” on NTV.

During the interview older brother Andrew admitted that over the years supported Alexei after a difficult divorce with actress Agnia Ditkovskite.

Andrew and Alex Shadowy

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“When a person grew up in a single parent family and wanted him to have, and these dreams are crumbling, of course, difficult,” — said Andrey Chadov.

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Andrew also admitted that his best friend’s brother: “for me, this “best friend”? If I didn’t have a brother, then I could have someone to call best friend, but I got it.”

However, after long quarrels young parents Alex and Agnes was able to negotiate. Because Alex insisted on communicating with my son, as always wanted a big and strong family. Now they shared a son Theodore spends time with mom and dad — a fortnight with each.

Alex loves spending time with his son, especially to take him on vacation to the sea together, travel together or simply take a stroll in the local Park.

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“When a son is born, he suddenly matured. He is the father’s just mad,” said Andrew about Alexei.

Alex with his son

Recall that in 2015 the couple broke up because of constant quarrels because of jealousy. Married Alex and Agnes lived for about three years, but even the appearance of a child in 2014 are unable to keep the family together.

Поклонники Чадова подозревают, что у него новый роман

Актер весело проводит время с коллегами по съемкам

Алексей снимается в новом военном фильме

Алексей Чадов

Тем временем Агния Дитковските продолжает носить обручальное кольцо

Вероятно, Агния все еще испытывает чувства к Алексею и не может легко расстаться не только с ним, но и с символом супружеской любви и верности

Агния Дитковските участвовала в шоу "Танцы со звездами" с партнером Евгением Раевым

Поклонники пары надеются, что ради сына супруги все-таки наладят отношения

Агния Дитковските и Алексей Чадов

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