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Andres, Mosketti withdraw American version of “Attack of titans”

The Director of great horror “Mama” and “It” Andres, Mosketti will lead the U.S. adaptation of the popular Japanese manga “Attack on Titan”. The rights to it bought Warner Bros, to produce the tape he summoned the sister of the Director, Barbara Moschetti.

An original plot tells the story of how

Since ancient times, mankind has been fighting with the titans, huge beings that do not possess any special intelligence, but eat people and enjoy it. After a long struggle, the remnants of humanity built a high wall, surrounded by country people, through which the titans can not pass. Since then, it took a hundred years, people live peacefully under the protection of the wall. But once the teenage boy Eren and his foster sister Mikasa witness terrible events — the section of the wall destroyed by supertition appeared out of thin air. The titans are attacking the city, and children in the terror I see as one of the monsters alive eats their mother. Brother and sister survive, and Eren swears to kill all titans and take revenge for mankind.

In 2013, Japanese television released a successful anime adaptation of the manga, and in 2015-m was released the first feature-length film, which grossed a decent box office but was panned by critics. That, however, did not prevent the appearance of a sequel. From the American version of blockbuster is expected to complete a set of epic scenes of battles with giant monsters, which in all variations were quite frightening.

It is still unknown whether Moschetti for the project immediately upon completion of the work on “It: Part 2” or the first will remove the film adaptation of another graphic art of the art book “electric state” Simon Stelenhag. In any case, we will closely follow the news.

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