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Andrei Konchalovsky met with a Moscow press after the screening of the film “Paradise”

Not everyone saw the film at the Venice film festival and not all came to the demo in the limited hire in Moscow – it was required that the film can be sent to “Oscar”. Therefore, the discussion of the film after the press screening, it was still sharp, since for many “Heaven” – the impression is quite fresh.

Andrei Konchalovsky met with a Moscow press after the screening of the film “Paradise”

In the beginning of the meeting Andrey said to him, all the audience are divided into those who eat popcorn and those who did not eat. “MS make a movie for those who have popcorn on the sessions’t eat. And we dobama that shows our movie popcorn was not sold”. There is a very small percentage of the audience, he added, on which a work of art can have a real impact. They can return to childhood, that is, to believe in what you see on the screen, he laughs and cries like a baby. If you liked the movie, he didn’t like the head and the heart.

Trailer for “Paradise”

Speaking about the difficulties of co-production, Andrew S. noted that the Russian part of the team – people actorie never look at the clock. They work with passion, they don’t think that you can take six hours instead of twelve or fourteen, for example. If the survey was finished before they went home because their time was paid for. At the site with the Germans spoke English and French – French. But, in the words of Facebook: “We understood them, and they have not.”

Konchalovsky asked him if he wanted to make a film about the war in Syria. “Don’t feel compelled to make a movie about all the horrors that happen on Earth. Where evil disguises itself in the clothes of goodness and destroys human life. We have a serious problem – once the world war starts because of drinking water. This is even the Vatican has said. This is a global topic, it interests me”.

“Is the concept of “deep thought” and “deep truth”. This is some level of truth, which is very difficult to achieve. You can’t just “dig” and find her. She discovers herself. When something breaks in the film, I can’t say that it was intended. The idea that evil grows of itself, and for good need a miracle, was laid out in the script, and that then reads the spectator already is difficult to trace”.
As he prepared his actors for the film, what inspired it? The three main actor had to train very seriously, reading books about “her” biography. Vysotskaya read about the Russian emigration in Paris, the German actor – the SS officers, the Frenchman is about collaboration. “But the Frenchman was lazy” – smiled Konchalovsky. When filming the scenes interview, it was for three days and it was like an interrogation, confession or torture. It was excruciating.

“Do you believe in heaven?” – “Sometimes I do, sometimes not. I can say the words Kapitsa: I am an Orthodox Buddhist. In Paradise you can get while still alive, and what will happen next, we don’t know”.

The script was written together with Elena Kiseleva. “We met her not so long ago. I was told that there is a girl who works part-time and writes some garbage TV series. She was a hereditary Slavonic scholar and a very intelligent man that was very important. Lena and roaming around in the fog, groping. We know what we write, but do not know if it will have some meaning. To write a script where paketini people speak up, it’s insane. No Studio behind it would not undertake. Thank God I live in Russia, where such madness can be.”

“I do not watch movies, Konchalovsky said. Not because I’m lazy, but because I’m selfish. I’m watching a movie, when it will pass the test of time. But I meet young people and see that everything is in order. In the 90 years filmed everything that was impossible to remove before. Went a series of “truth”, but it was such a the level that can be called “dill”. If the Director is just shooting heroes is a “dill”. If he loves them, then it is a real movie. We now have began to make films “under Hollywood”, that is, product that does not smell like California strawberries. We also began to try to do the “Grand style”. It’s funny, because this product may be made only on the basis of the American myth. But there is a generation of filmmakers that we shoot art films. That is for parents, not for children. For those who are still reading. I do not, to me everyone looked and everyone loved. What we do for a normal viewer hardly edible. The film is in three languages, Russian film with subtitles! How can you even dare to roll him”.
Julia: “I can’t tell you where I am and where is my lyrical hero. It’s not a gown from peacocks, which can be removed”. Konchalovsky: “It is difficult to do and difficult to explain. Brilliant actor may be great, but I would have made the film is not how he plays and how he shaves and fight with his wife. I see this as its task. You are watching a feature film, where actors speak not memorized text, and the fact that they from themselves do not expect. When we watch animal behavior, we are always interested, because it does not play. It is the same with man. And after this observation we produce artistic selection. I use this method since its revival as a Director, that is, with “White nights”. I tried it on “ACE Lacinai”, but then went the other way and now just back this way.”

“I think the Germans will see my picture, afraid to say what they think about it. But they are not to blame, it is their grandpa got into the muddy water of Nazism, and grandchildren still all it is.”
I got a role of Himmler Viktor Sukhorukov? Konchalovsky was tried for the role of many German artists. And found that the Germans the Eastern part of Germany all want to play the Nazis, and the West don’t want I’m afraid. Therefore, all major actors in the East. But to find the actor for the role of Himmler did not work, and then he decided to try Sukhorukov. “I bashed it endlessly, but he didn’t resist”. The film also sounds like it’s about the fact that Hitler was supposedly looking for a successor, wants to become an artist and to walk around Rome. This is from “the table talk of Adolf Hitler,” says Konchalovsky.

Julia Vysotskaya no makeup to create the effect of a shaven head, tonsured bald for real.

“Paradise” will be released in Russian cinemas on January 19, 2017.

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