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Andie MacDowell for the first time in his entire career starred fully Nude

Andie MacDowell

60-year-old Andie MacDowell has gained an unofficial status of a sex bomb after the release of the film “Four weddings and a funeral” with Hugh Grant. Recently, the actress has proved that almost 30 years later, she’s still got it. In the Internet appeared fresh footage from the drama “Love after love”, in which the star appeared completely naked for the first time in his career.

The film tells about a lonely woman Suzanne, who again tries to find love after death of husband. In an interview with the star admitted that the film ran into trouble because of the explicit scenes with her participation.

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I’m not a prude, but hadn’t thought about that kind of scenes, because the actors were understudies. In this scene I feel very vulnerable, but that’s the effect, which would make the Director. In some scenes I have sex. Naked. Was very emotional,

said McDowell in an interview.

Andy admitted that he felt relaxed during the filming:

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I didn’t care who was present on the set. I’m not shy. My parents are more conservative in this regard than I am. I’ve seen this movie three times and I can confidently say that I like it. I want to stay beautiful and healthy as long as possible. I sleep for ten hours, do yoga, walk a lot and maintain inner harmony. That’s why I feel good.

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