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And you’re “out of politics”?

А ты "вне политики"?

I never understood people who said they were “outside politics.” As for me, politics is our life, and without it is possible, perhaps, to go into a deep thicket of the forest, to build from the branches himself a hut, dried or pickled mushrooms for the winter, abandoning health insurance, the opportunity to seek the assistance of the MOE, “Lisa Alert” or ambulance, that is to lead a totally solitary life, enjoying in the evenings, classics, until you burn out another candle.

А ты "вне политики"?

No phones work, no loans, mortgage deals, insurance, tea with rum, CASCO, CTP, flights vacation and other things that every day surround us, and we are raving to work, no drop don’t think about it.

Among my friends there’s one guy living at the monastery on the money of parishioners. He ties up his pants with a shoelace, walks in old things of his father, does not spend money on snacks at the grocery store, buys cigarettes, watches TV, does not have a smartphone and communicate with people from everyday life. It is really about, you can say, Yes, this man is out of politics, but this kind of all.

For me, politics is a concern about the place in which they live. That is, care not only about your mortgage the apartment, but that is over its threshold.

On these thoughts of me yesterday prompted the release of new video journalist Alexei Pivovarov, dedicated to the founders of various charitable organizations of our country. This Fund of Nuty Federmesser, and a group of volunteers who every day looking for “lost and found” in the woods, their assistants by helicopter from the squad “angel” and many others. Of course, any volunteer has a purpose and justification the purpose. Impossible day to look for a man in a dank forest, not having motivation, but none of them gets the work done and material dividends. They just do everything in order to provide us all the confidence in the future, that is, every day make our lives a little better, giving a chance for salvation.

And hardly any of them ever say that he was “out of politics” because politics is not just about borders, visas, rules, and building relationships, but also care about their lives and the lives of those around you. Do not think that you someone have something. We should all themselves.

In this regard, today I would like to encourage — not to remain indifferent to change the world and everything in it. And when the heart requires a change, you have to follow my heart!

8 September 2019 in the Moscow city Duma elections, which I, as a self-respecting citizen will go to vote, not to stay in the modern side of the historical process and to contribute to future changes.
Come and you!

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