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“And you’re all right?”: Tanya Tereshina stood up for Olga Buzova

Musical career Olga Buzova goes uphill. 31-year-old TV presenter has presented two songs — “the sounds of kissing” and “Used to it”, which instantly became hits. Now-in “House-2” working on his first solo album. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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Despite the popularity of the songs Buzova, many fans and professional artists speak negatively about her work. Recently with criticism Olga was Alexander Panayotov.

However, there were Olga and defenders. So, the former soloist of group Hi-Fi Tanya Tereshina said he did not understand why other artists have a negative attitude to creativity Buzova.

“The Russian showbiz will never be the same as in the West. And primarily because of the people themselves. When Grammy artists refuse to award in the name of the other performers, our stars will participate in the debate about the O. Buzova speeches full of resentment to life. And you are all so right? Many cheat, steal melodies and promoted the non-existent novels, gay kiss in the videos with women. No, I’m not against all this, I am part of playing this game, but since you had it all cooked and not honest with the public, what are they offended?” — wrote Tereshina in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

The singer believes that Olga has found its niche, its audience, and to criticize it is not: “Olga is simply a phenomenon and not entirely unexpected character. Why? From what? And why Burt Reynolds has a great vocal abilities, sings the song “nick, nick, Nicholas, show me your Lali Lali”? You on him not attacking? Or “Oh God what kind of man” with all the Windows recently sound. Everyone chooses the public itself for their own reasons: to someone it is easier to earn money, some people like this kind of music, and sometimes just by coincidence the stars. Because it is voluntary”.

Tereshina said that artists should do their work and not to write nasty things about others on social networks. “I’m half Russian pop music listen to sucks. Words many primitive music*contrib. Upstarts, like I was “informal” in the main also not a revelation that the texts that music. But people want and they do. And I don’t want and don’t listen! Did someone someone takes away their island? No. I’m getting ready to release their product is not out of envy or resentment, as from a sincere desire to share! And envy is not the worst thing if it creates in you to do something cooler, but if you want just forgive me “empty” in the “air”, you first of all smells, and not from someone who for some reason love!” — said Tanya.

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