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And the fish feed!

On the eve of winter Victor called friend, who lives on the banks of the Oskol river, at the confluence of Stary Oskol reservoir. Saying that the water was black with fish from the reservoir went down in the river, a huge flock… Victor immediately called Vladimir and comrades rushed, as they say, in a gallop. This fact means the absence of any training themselves, tackle, baits, lures, even a car.

Bite was. Frequent but barely noticeable. For a day of fishing failed to catch any fish. It seems that the fishermen have not beginners, and the classic fish fish in the pre-winter studied for a long time, and tooling have always been treated with respect, and bait, nozzles and bait have long been accustomed to pick up accordingly to the season, and “devil” in the form of huge flocks overshadowed their whole world.

In the pre-winter we should not forget about low water temperatures, possessing high thermal inertia, which is not capable to influence a local positive fluctuation in temperature. I remember a long thaw in Stavropol, and when the New year the temperature exceeded 22 plus. Fished with friends in the river syniukha. People we were young, of course, got drunk and decided to dive off a cliff. Dived all at once, like on the beach jumped all at once…

The pre-winter period is the period of adjustment of the organism to fish to winter habitat conditions, which undeniably confirmed by science. But many anglers in this period think of the classic: in the pond there is a fish, she feeds, then bite. In the pre-winter this assumption has the value of the assumptions, nothing more. Some fish species have already fell into hibernation. Lin, for example. Other fish are in a state of suspended animation, temporarily not feed and therefore does not burn. For example, carp in some waters, renewable bite in the winter. So, in a large flow-through pond at the Soldiers ‘ (Belgorod region) pergolide provokes the biting winter carp, which does not happen in mid-November.

Long-term observations, if the weather conditions are burdened by at least the night frost, in November, doesn’t want to peck white fish in the river Oskol. Tips of the pre-winter is simple: catch fish where biting “adopted” the popular rumor. It’s a few ponds where you can still catch carp even carp.

Lots of problems with these pre-winter waters! Even in a large group of ponds located next to, the terms fish different. As a rule, of a dozen ponds, can isolate one or two of the pond where the fish are biting. Sometimes, these ponds are not the most extensive and profound. So, near the village of Kazan (Kuban) was caught in the pre-winter carp from the shore in a small pond, where the depth in any location did not exceed 1.5-1.8 m. Used centrifugal the rod length of 6 m. in pond-nurseries, where large carp account had no where the depth exceeded 3 m, was bellevie, as in almost all ponds.

The features inherent in estuaries, channels and Erika. With the cold white fish EN masse leaves the shallow waters of estuaries, concentrating in the deeper of the bypass channels, connected with the estuaries channels. The same phenomenon is observed in the deep channels and Eriks, as well as in some deep channels, for example, in Turkish channel. But, as a rule, the other channels should focus on deep water near pumping stations.

With good results you can catch the predatory fish and in estuaries, focusing on a “carpet” of algae and large “Windows” in them. You should not only forget that shallow estuaries deadly in high winds, dispersing in large areas of estuaries high waves…

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