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And Putin did not confuse?

А Путин ничего не путает?

The methodology, which says Putin, World Bank, and there never was. His words have no relation to reality. Experts of the WB, the term “middle class” in the vast majority of cases quote, since on this account there is no consensus. Because the “middle class” is determined not only by income but by other factors: the ownership of property, savings, access to quality health services and financial services, education, etc. More than 80% of Russia’s population has no savings. About what all 70% of the “middle class” can we talk?

But let us imagine that the situation is, as Putin says — that is, the WB calculates the lower threshold of “middle class” as the minimum wage x 1.5. The minimum wage set by the Government of the Russian Federation. Therefore, by containing/reducing the minimum wage, the government can thus arbitrarily manipulate data about the middle class. What’s the point in this method?

Instead, WB differencial countries with low, middle and high income according to the method of Atlas. Of course, it is not tied to the minimum wage and GNI per capita and the SDR deflator. And the middle class it has nothing to do.

Question: if 20 years in power, the President did not understand the technique WB, what is the probability that he is able to sort out this issue?

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