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And popular are scientific and technical tasks

И такими интересными бывают научно-технические задачи

Daring. London Semyon Efimovich.

Our student Trinity our scientific chief Branch created and nurtured в1965 year, especially for transfer in their fiefdom – all-Union research Institute for power radiobuilding Comintern. And we could not imagine a more prestigious work place than the Inbox.
When I was offered to write a diploma there, and in the spirit of that time, to graduate from the Leningrad Institute of Aviation instrument engineering (liap) for six months ahead of schedule, we agreed with pleasure.
Institute on Vasilevsky island seemed very prestigious and was the embodiment of the dreams of our future. Even mocking the strictness of the regime was regarded with religious reverence as ritual sacrifice.
The head of the graduation project has appointed Semyon Efimovich London – monopoly leading expert in broadband high frequency amplifiers – a man passionate about the synthesis of broadband filters, clever, in many ways not of this world, always in-depth in itself. His social insecurity, how can skillfully compensated for his next skilled employee and spouse, and just a sweet sassy woman – Gal London.
I immediately plunged into his research to develop a broadband filter (Chebyshev approximation) for one of the developed powerful high-frequency amplifiers. Everything was exciting and interesting, and (what can I say!) at the time, was not in vain “physics in honor” — the Only thing annoying was unthinkable large amount of calculations required for optimization. But while the basic calculator was considered a luxury. All for a slide rule to hurt the eyes.
The end of the term graduate design it turned out that I have over a hundred sheets of the material through the synthesis filter, but the diploma did not take place. Opinions were divided: Semyon Efimovich believed that thesis is almost completed, the leadership in Liap – that the volume of the material is close to zero. With each other they weren’t arguing, of course, I was in the crotch.

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However, the diploma had to crash, including a much-needed sections on the economy, fire safety, etc.

I have a new respect for design and was proud of the resulting optimization is designed quadrupole, head found 60% of the material of the original, but the diploma of the Commission is not impressed, and she was very amazed at how most of the diploma devoted to the calculation of only one lousy filter. Justice once again prevailed: I was not understood and bits, diploma barely pulled a four.
However, due to the high average score of marks of the diploma I was accepted to the fifth division of VNIIRA not a Junior technician, and with the increase of: – laboratory assistant. Thus, to grow up the posts of Junior engineer in my career with only one service step – senior laboratory assistant. As a result, the income I have identified only one and a half times lower than the one that I received before the Institute, working as a mechanic tinsmith on the Electric power.

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In search of a better life ten years I’ve jumped on different scientific branches. Was KTN. The number of author’s certificates of USSR and patents of Russia have close to one hundred. I think that it is difficult to find such a Patriotic town, which is now not furcillo if some of my inventions.

Have nepovedal. And no regrets…

Nowych Petr

“The prose of scientific cooperation”

But Semyon Efimovich London – poehal and how to assess the results of his labors specialists, has become one of the world’s leading developer of powerful broadband high-frequency amplifiers. Gratefully bow my head to his generosity, professionalism and talent!

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