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And not to strengthen the protection of business?

А не усилить ли нам защиту бизнеса?

It started he still came on the first time, nearly 20 years ago. Came the master in the Kremlin, looked at from the highest point of Russia and said: “it is Necessary to reduce administrative pressure on business!”

Since then, any Message, any economic forum or a meeting with his participation is not held that the business was not subject to protection on his part. Large, medium, and small much more. As soon as we meet again with Putin business, and come at once to protect him.

Somehow only protection a business is not subjected to whatever bizarre ways and in all kinds of sophisticated ways in which they are not protected?!

And liberalization of criminal legislation and reduction of regulatory authorities, and the checks scheduled! And if there is a public need to nail someone to press the “nightmare” only with the permission of the Prosecutor’s office and under the supervision of the Commissioner on business of the President.

Of course, both the investment climate is all the time improved, even better it did from the standpoint of attractiveness.

And so continuously for the past 19 years.

Subject “and not to strengthen the protection of the business” caught up with the popularity of the offer “and not to listen to us the chief of transport shop”…

And today, finally, the experts of the Institute of Economics growth, led by the defender of the business under the Russian President, Mr. Titov noted: “Small and medium business in Russia is reduced — reduced number of employees and number of enterprises.”

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