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And laughter, and sin: a compilation of the most bizarre gems from the leader “DNR”

И смех, и грех: подборка самых нелепых перлов от главаря "ДНР" Zakharchenko has threatened to take Kiev, Kharkov, Berlin and the whole of Britain, and to leave Ukraine without food.

On 18 July the leader of the Donetsk militants Alexander Zakharchenko announced the creation of a new “state” – “the Ukraine”, which will be the “successor of Ukraine”. “Reminded of other unfulfilled or just plain weird statements of the leader “DNR”.

• To capture Mariupol and Kharkiv (15 Feb 2015)

“If the Kiev authorities will not adhere to the terms of the Minsk agreements, will not take their equipment from our borders, will not release our prisoners and will continue to bomb our cities, then, of course, we won’t just stand and wait. First of all, we just destroy the Debaltsevo boiler Ukrainian military. Then we defend ourselves from the enemy Mariupol, and when this is done, then throw all the forces to take Kharkiv”.

• To capture the entire Donetsk region (28 Aug 2016)

“I have repeatedly said that the minimum program is “DNR” within the borders of the former Donetsk region. In fact, the achievement of this goal will largely be the so-called “coercion to peace”.

“Mariupol and Slavyansk we will liberate it from the punitive”. “Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Mariupol is all cities “DNR”. The great Novoselovka, Konstantinovka, Druzhkovka, Krasnoarmeysk… If there is to be any opportunity to liberate our territory without bloodshed, I, as head of state, is obliged to use it.”

• To storm Kiev (October 18, 2016)

“Our military units are ready to storm Kyiv. It is a question of political will. If you can’t solve everything peacefully, we must, as said [Russian President] Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin], to beat first.”

• To take Berlin and the rest of the UK (6 December 2016)

“In fact, you need to take not even Berlin, you need to go over and get the rest of the UK as such. This is the evil of our whole fate of Russian – is the Anglo-Saxons”.

• The death of Ukraine within two months (1 March 2017)

“Now for the count. Every day is the nail which is driven into the coffin of the country, which used to be called Ukraine. A maximum of 60 days, the state virtually ceases to exist.”

Zakharchenko was also sure that the “blockade” of Ukraine from militants to leave the country “without light, heat, without food, without pay and without pensions.”

“We need Ukraine to survive and live normally, not needed. We needed her. Let them cover everything: the highway, railway, mine field. Is that the Ukraine is able. They 2014 learned to ride on the Maidan, and now let them learn to live without light, heat, and soon, without food, without pay and without pensions.”

• A concentration camp in Reykjavik (may 6, 2017)

“My great-grandmother on my father in 41-m were captured, a nurse, was Buchenwald, Auschwitz, Reykjavik (the first two concentration camps in Nazi-occupied territories during the Second world war, the third capital city of Iceland during the Second world war the country was occupied by Germany. – “GORDON”). In Reykjavik was liberated by the Americans.”

• Meeting with aliens (may 10, 2017)

“You know, in 2014 we met with the aliens. They gave us their technology. These technologies we are working on the “dill”.

• Create a “little Russia” (18 July 2017)

“We, the representatives of the regions of the former Ukraine, except Crimea, declare the establishment of the new state, which is the successor of the Ukraine. We agree that the new state will be called Ruthenia, as the very name Ukraine discredited. […] We believe that the people’s Republic of Donetsk, along with Luhansk people’s Republic, remains the only territory of Ukraine, excluding the Crimea, which preserved the legitimate authority”.

In social networks Alexander Zakharchenko was offered after “the Ukraine” to create a “Anoressia” and blogger Anton Hoja recommended that the leader of “DNR” to conclude a dynastic marriage with the leader of “LNR” Igor Plotnitsky for unification of the occupied territories.

И смех, и грех: подборка самых нелепых перлов от главаря "ДНР"
И смех, и грех: подборка самых нелепых перлов от главаря "ДНР"
И смех, и грех: подборка самых нелепых перлов от главаря "ДНР"

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