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And how red the Chinese Red dragon?

А такой ли уж красный китайский Красный дракон?

Despite leading and guiding role of the Communist party (CPC), modern China is difficult to call a socialist country. VIDEO

This is despite the fact that the CCP, which in three years will celebrate its centenary, still adheres to the policy of building a Communist society.

It sounds very strange, if you look at a huge number of private companies in China, where double flowers bloom the most that neither is capitalism. And we are not talking about some sort of small shops and small firms, and the technological, electronic, machinery, automotive and other giants.

Without exaggeration we can say that today’s China is a vivid example of the achievements of capitalism and its showcase.

This is, without a doubt… not really, because the Communist party is still the main political force in the country. Moreover, nothing in China happens without the knowledge of CCP and that situation will exist for a long time. And perhaps – always.

The reason is that China at the time, went on a special path of development, which not so long ago, XI Jinping has given an official definition as “socialism with Chinese characteristics,” which was even included in the Charter of the CCP.

And the former Marxist-Leninist position and Mao Zedong were rejected, but only supplemented in accordance with the new economic realities.

As you know, in world economic leader, China began to develop when Dan sjaopina that in 1979 he embarked on a “restructuring” of China. Unlike the Soviet perestroika, which ended in the destruction of the Soviet Union, the Chinese restructuring was pursued quite specific goal: the modernization of industry, agriculture, science, and the military-industrial complex.

These four areas were identified as priorities and in fact repeated the Stalinist modernization of the country, which began in 1929.

Chinese restructuring it really was. The term in China has not acquired the same negative connotation which it has acquired in our country after Gorbachev’s “perestroika”. After all, unlike the Soviet “superintendents of perestroika”, which began for health, finished for the repose, the Chinese comrades were not engaged in cheap populism and meaningless talking shop, not spit in their history, not made in the minds of the citizens confusion, printing tons of dissident Chinese paper, and firmly walked to the target.

Sometimes a little too firmly. Suffice it to recall the events in Beijing in the summer of 1989 in Tiananmen square. The result is obvious – over the past forty years China has grown to the second economy in the world and produces at its plants and factories almost all kinds of goods all for the same world. Over the years China has evolved from socialist countries to capitalist countries, however, Deng Xiaoping urged not to pay attention to the terms and the classification of the existing system, and focus on achieving their goals.

The task of the CCP was to turn a backward China into the world’s economic leader, and the Communist party with this challenge. Party and continues to follow the previously taken course, which is not going to stop. And a crime it would be to be consistent when there is long-term growth of the economy and outstanding performance, which is very rare when I was in world history.

For example, the average salary in China is 888 dollars, or 59 000 rubles. And energy superpower Russia, suffocating from the abundance of oil, coal and gas – 527 or $ 35 000. And even then, these figures are questionable and are rather another propaganda spreading one statistical organization, known as “a fairy tale”.

The growth of the welfare of Chinese citizens is evidenced by the fact that in the mid-eighties one of the most coveted shopping Chinese family was considered to be a wrist watch and a moped, and now only cars in China, sold during the year more than 25 million units. One, the Volkswagen group sells in China almost three million cars per year, almost twice the number of all sold new cars in Russia.

In recent years, many European and not only countries, for sale, real estate ads appeared in the Chinese language, which was not observed before. And no wonder – China, and he became a very rich country, and its citizens are rich. The growth of the welfare show and the crowds of Chinese tourists all in the same Europe.

To further improve the lives of Chinese citizens continue to speak of the highest party leaders, and their words are not just vibrations and noodles on the ears that we personally are very familiar with. For their words are the real deal and measures to raise living standards of ordinary Chinese.

Despite the fact that China is in a capitalist realities have increased almost two generations of citizens, the idea of building a Communist society is still not thrown into the trash.

In contrast to domestic and dim-witted prostitute “superintendents of perestroika”, the derail all the gains of the people for centuries, Chinese leaders understand one simple thing – socialism only possible in a poor country. This was brilliantly demonstrated by the Scandinavian countries and to some extent proved Western Europe, which although is a capitalist, but was able to build the so-called “moderate socialism”.

Therefore, when the standard of living of the Chinese has grown – and it absolutely will grow – it is possible that the world will see the same socialism with Chinese characteristics, which, though declared, but no one knows what he looks like.

Now China is the most capitalist country, but the CCP certainly there are great plans for the future, and there is no doubt that in 20-30 years the world will see a new social order. Yes, for him, generations of Chinese had and still have to work hard like hell, but it is already bearing and will bear fruit – their children will live in a rich, strong, and perhaps the most advanced country in the world.

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