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Ancient Mayans traded salt meat and fish

Древние майя торговали солеными мясом и рыбойMaya salt was mined and used for conservation.

In the late classic period (600-900 ad) Maya extracted salt, including coastal lagoon, which is located in the South of Belize. On the shore were saltworks Creek pines, where they received the salt by heating and evaporating sea water. In the same way salt was mined in other regions that were inhabited by the Maya. Probably, obtaining salt was a good tool for locals, who sold the surplus in the cities in the interior of the Peninsula.

In the new study, the researchers examined 20 stone tools that were found in pines Creek. Researchers have tried to understand that they did the Indians. In the result, it was found that some of them were used for skinning animals or scales from fish, and some cut meat.

According to scientists, the Indians were made from salt bricks, which are then transported to the neighboring settlements on the coast and inland. We know that along with cocoa beans and tissues Mayans used as money standardized by the size of the salt briquettes. Also Maya was salted in pines Creek fish and carcasses of manatees. The bones of these animals found near the salt works. Salted meat and fish demand in the country, including in large cities such as Tikal and Calakmul. Apparently, the Indians were transporting food and salt pellets on the rivers in a canoe. This is evidenced by the remains of wooden oars and canoes, which were previously found in pines Creek.

Researchers believe that one design in pine Creek Maya received 56,7 kilograms of salt a day, and in the dry season, which lasted four months – about six tons. If we assume that the day people consume about eight grams of salt, one design in pines Creek could provide salt about 2.3 thousand people per day during the year.

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