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Ancient artifacts found under strange circumstances. Photo

Древние артефакты, найденные при странных обстоятельствах. ФотоA selection of incredible accidents.

Someone spends a lifetime in search of ancient treasures, while in others they are literally at your fingertips, and they do not even guess. That’s what happened with ancient artifacts, which will be discussed in this review. They were kept in the houses from generation to generation, and their happy owners to a certain time and could not imagine what they own.

1. Urn for the liver

When one of the family, who wished to remain anonymous, a relative dies, his descendants inherited a strange stone jug. Over the next 20 years terracotta “pot” just stood forgotten in the barn. But one day someone realized that the vase is painfully suspiciously similar to the Egyptian, and gave her up for peer review. What was everyone’s surprise when the thing that everyone thought was just a decorative ornament, turned out to be a 3,000 year-old artifact from ancient Egypt.

Древние артефакты, найденные при странных обстоятельствах. Фото

The Egyptian Canopus.

On the jug had depicted, despite the recognizable hat, not the Pharaoh, and the God of Imsety. In the mythology of Ancient Egypt, this deity was rather curious role – to protect the liver, which is removed from the corpse prior to embalming, as long as it does not need the dead in the afterlife. 33-inch-tall vessel, which is called Canopus, was designed for the storage of this authority. It remains unknown how so ancient Canopus (fortunately, without the liver) came to man in England.

2. Cup Of Janus

Another relic with the image of a human face had lain forgotten in a box for many decades. John Webber of the English town of Dorchester received this Cup as a gift from his grandfather, who was a scrap metal dealer, and dealt primarily with bronze and brass. Considering that the Cup was made of these metals, his grandson just put it under the bed.

Древние артефакты, найденные при странных обстоятельствах. Фото

Cup Of Janus.

When John Webber went to the eighth decade, he again found this small gift of his grandfather, when I was preparing to move to a new home. Taking the 14-inch bowl, he went to the British Museum. The experts were baffled and said they had never seen anything like that on the Cup was engraved two-faced Roman God Janus with twisted snakes on the forehead. After further examination it turned out that the Cup was forged from the gold in the III-IV century of century BC in the ancient Persian of the Achaemenid Empire. A unique artifact was recently sold for $ 100,000 at auction.

3. Stand out of the pizzeria

This wooden stand from pizza hut paid a million pounds at auction auction house Sotheby’s. Found her next to the toilet Ask Pizzeria in North Yorkshire. In the end, someone decided to send a photo of gilded woodcarvings Mario Tavella, furniture expert at Sotheby’s. He immediately recognized the distinctive decorative theme of Nude young men and garlands – it was the missing base vintage dressing table, which he personally searched for almost 20 years.

Древние артефакты, найденные при странных обстоятельствах. Фото

Stand pizza for a million dollars.

Dressing table in the style of the Roman Baroque of the seventeenth century disappeared after world war II, and hoped to find him weakened with each passing decade. The fully assembled mirror is possible to see the elaborate carving of the congregation, blessed in Rome by the Pope. Why the base of the old Cabinet had originally gone or as it was in the ownership of a pair of owners of a pizzeria, will never be known.

4. Bowl DIN

Family from new York state in 2007, decided to visit a street sale, near his home, where he looked after the Cup is only 3 dollars. In a simple white vessel, there was nothing particularly impressive, but the couple still bought it and put it on the table in my living room. At some point a pair of them curious about the age and origin of his “new clothes”.

Древние артефакты, найденные при странных обстоятельствах. Фото

Ancient Chinese artifact.

The evaluation report was shocking, the vessel, with a diameter of 13 inches, is decorated with ornaments from the leaves, was a 1000-year old Chinese artifact worth up to $ 300,000. Called the bowl “Dean”, he is considered one of the best samples of ceramics of the Northern song dynasty, and are extremely rare. The second time the family was shocked when Sotheby’s auctioned the bowl. Despite the fact that it was appraised at $ 300,000, the Antiques sold for $ 2.2 million.

5. Sleeping woman with black vase

For Christmas in 2008, art historian Gergely Barki was watching with my little daughter children’s film “Stuart little.” While watching he noticed among the decorations of the living room in the movie the picture hanging on the wall. To the amazement of the barge, it was missing in the 1920-ies the masterpiece by Hungarian avant garde artist Robert Bereny “Sleeping woman with black vase”. When Barca managed to contact one of the art Directors “Stuart little” after 2 years, it became clear that this woman bought the painting in the middle of 1990-x years, over $ 500 in an antique shop, because I decided that the picture is well suited for decorations.

Древние артефакты, найденные при странных обстоятельствах. Фото

The missing painting of Robert Bereny “Sleeping woman with black vase”.

Since then (the film came out in 1999), the picture hung in her home. Today, the work Bereni is estimated at approximately $ 120,000. The painting in the style of art Deco depicts the artist’s second wife, which was an outstanding cellist. Before the disappearance of the painting was last seen in Hungary, when it was sold at the exhibition in 1928.

6. Pot Petri

In 1950-ies the man did not have enough money to pay the taxi driver for the fare. Instead of money he offered the driver a little pot with an attached label. On it was written: “Libyan pottery, 3000 BC, discovered by Professor Flinders Petrie in 1894-1895”. English taxi driver Charles Panel agreed to the proposal, not knowing that he was handed. Black-and-red pot again found in 2014, when the grandson of a taxi driver guy Pannel cleared his father’s garage in Cornwall. Hearing the name of archaeologist of the nineteenth century on the label, he contacted the Petrie Museum in London.

Древние артефакты, найденные при странных обстоятельствах. Фото

Libyan pottery, 3000 BC

It was a rare pot of fascinating history. First, it was not a Libyan, and Egyptian pottery (it was one of the few cases where eminent archaeologist made a mistake and admitted it publicly later). Unidentified passenger cab could be Joseph Milne, curator of the Museum of Oxford who met with Petrie in the 1890s.

7. Roman mortaria

Ray Taylor is digging up the earth in his garden when suddenly found a flat bowl. Over the next few years he used it as a bowl of water for birds, while daughter Taylor saw similar artifacts on display in the Museum of Roman heritage. When, at the urging of his daughter, a bowl carried to the Museum, Taylor was amazed that his improvised Cup for water was a 2,000 year-old Roman artifact. He was identified as mortari II – III centuries of our era, which in those days was used for the same purpose, and later the mortar and pestle. It crushed these ingredients such as herbs and spices.

Древние артефакты, найденные при странных обстоятельствах. Фото

Roman mortaria.

In Manchester, which was nearby, there was a centre of production of such utensils, and most likely, this mortari was done there. Unusual is the fact that it has survived intact and in such good condition. Once became apparent what a rare and valuable thing he found Taylor kindly donated to the Museum mortari Warwickshire.

8. Lester stone

When decoration for a garden was for sale in Leicester, one customer immediately interested in them. Archaeologist and presenter James Balme was not able to determine exactly what is behind the stone column, but instinct told him that this is not just a bauble, so he acquired the stone. After cleaning the column Balme realized that the thread on the front side of the artifact resembled a pattern, complicated enough that might be ancient writing.

Древние артефакты, найденные при странных обстоятельствах. Фото

Leicester stone.

Block of Sandstone, weighing 25 to 30 kg with a height of 46 cm and a width near the base is 14 cm tapers closer to the top. For what it was used remains a mystery, but Balme suggested that this could be the cornerstone from a ceiling or arch. Who did it and when it was done, is also unknown. Maybe it was made somewhere between V and XI centuries during the Anglo-Saxon period. At this time, different cultures created a particularly difficult stone art.

9. Devonian moonstone

In 1950, a four year old girl moved into the house in Sussex that her family bought from the farmer from Sri Lanka. In the garden near the house stood a large stone slab weighing nearly a ton and a size of 1.2-1.5 m. It has become a favorite place for games girls. When she grew up and moved to Dorset, he asked the auctioneer from Bonhams to look at a curious stone on the surface of which was a picture of cows, elephants, birds, horses and lions. It turned out that the granite relic, standing at the end of the garden path, was “Santagada-Plow”, a moonstone from Sri Lanka. It is very similar to moon rocks in the temples of Sri Lanka, built during the Anuradhapura (400 BC – 1000 ad).

Древние артефакты, найденные при странных обстоятельствах. Фото

Devonian moonstone.

Archaeologists are not yet able to determine the authenticity of the artifact and can’t find any record of his transfer from the district of Anuradhapura, where records are kept since 1890. Find moon stone outside of Sri Lanka is very unusual, and the artifact is estimated at more than 30,000 pounds ($47 500).

10. Blenheim sarcophagus

In 2016, the Antiques expert was walking in the gardens of Blenheim Palace in England, when he noticed an unusual flower pot made of stone. In a large and ornate pot were planted the tulips. Considering “the pot” nearer, he saw carved on a marble surface figures of the gods Dionysus, Hercules and Ariadne surrounded by animals. He told the owners of Blenheim Palace, the family of the Dukes of Marlborough, that their stone pot is actually an ancient coffin.

Древние артефакты, найденные при странных обстоятельствах. Фото

Devonian moonstone.

From an ancient Roman sarcophagus had no bottom, and in fact it was only on the front wall. But even he was impressive – a dilapidated sarcophagus weighing about 250 kg in length was 1.8 m, a height of 80 cm and the wall thickness was about 15 cm took six months of careful restoration of the artwork. Unfortunately, its sculptor is unknown, and there is no way to know, for whom was designed the 1,700-year-old sarcophagus. Experts estimated its cost at approximately 121 000 dollars, but the owners decided not to sell the Antiques that decorate their garden from the XIX century. Now it can be seen in one of the corridors of the Palace.

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