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Ancient alcoholic beverages, surprised archaeologists. Photo

 Древние алкогольные напитки, удивившие археологов. Фото People have been drinking alcohol for millennia.

Anthropologists believe that alcohol can be the main reason for the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. Well, he used alcohol to strengthen social ties, as medicine or something else, he was and continues to be one of the most important products consumed by mankind. In this review talking about the most ancient varieties of alcohol found by archaeologists.

1. The oldest alcohol in the world

 Древние алкогольные напитки, удивившие археологов. Фото

In China, archaeologists recently discovered the oldest evidence of alcohol consumption in the world. Chemical analysis of shards of crockery showed that the Chinese drank alcohol in the year 7000 BC. Cooked the alcohol made from rice, honey and fruit. Analysis of pottery found in Jinhua showed traces of tartrate – chemical which is found in grapes and hawthorn. Because in Jinhua had found the oldest pottery in China, the scientists believe that the tradition of the production of alcohol can actually be even older, since it is not ceramic vessels simply did not survive to our times.

2. Wine Scorpio

 Древние алкогольные напитки, удивившие археологов. Фото

In the mysterious depths of the tomb of the Pharaoh Scorpion I, the archaeologists found the most ancient wine of Egypt. 5,000 year-old beverage was made with the addition of tree resin, coriander, sage and mint. Some additives have been used for flavor, but many of them had medicinal properties. As you know, alcohol destroys vegetable alkaloids and provides a convenient “delivery system” of natural medicines in the body. “Wine of the Scorpion” is so ancient that it predates the appearance of Egyptian vineyards (grapes were imported from the Jordan valley).

3. Ancient antibiotic – beer

 Древние алкогольные напитки, удивившие археологов. Фото

Archaeologists studying the bones of ancient Nubians, made a shocking discovery. The skeletal remains were literally impregnated with tetracycline (the antibiotic was found in 90% of people). Researchers believe the Nubians received this ancient antibiotic with beer. Was put forward the theory that the grain for brewing beer was infected by bacteria of streptomycin, which produce tetracycline. Interestingly, tetratziklinove beer could prevent bone disease.

4. Alcohol pre-Inca civilizations

 Древние алкогольные напитки, удивившие археологов. Фото

In 2004, a research team from Filyovskaja the natural history Museum found an ancient brewery in the mountains of southern Peru. Elite pre-Inca Huari culture over 100 years ago in an industrial scale brewed beer from corn, known as Chica. Found a few production tanks with a capacity of around 57 litres, so experts believe that Huari possibly could cook for about thousands of liters of Chica a day.

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5. Teotihuacan nutritious drink

 Древние алкогольные напитки, удивившие археологов. Фото

Archaeologists have found traces of the alcoholic drink milky color on ancient shards in Teotihuacan. Researchers believe that this drink provided the residents of one of the largest settlements in prehistoric times the necessary vitamins and minerals. Also at Teotihuacan were found frescoes, which depict the local people drinking pulque, a milky alcoholic drink that is made from the juice of the agave. Tequila is also made from agave, but unlike pulque, it is made from the roasted core of the fruit. Pulque could provide 100 thousand inhabitants of Teotihuacan calcium, iron, vitamin b and probiotic bacteria.

6. El of the mountains of Zagros

 Древние алкогольные напитки, удивившие археологов. Фото

In 1992 archaeologists unearths Sumerian trading post of Godin Tepe in the Zagros mountains, found a beer, Dating back to 3500 BC, the Presence of calcium oxalate suggests that the drink was made of barley. Also in Godin Tepe was found the grain to multiple storage vessels. The abundance of such vessels has led scientists to suggest that Godin Tepe was once a prosperous trading town and military Outpost on the way, which later became known as the silk road. The Sumerians were one of the first people on Earth that have developed complex and “properly” developed society that lived by trade, and irrigated agriculture. A favorite beverage of the Sumerians had beer (the icon representing beer, is one of the most common symbols found in Sumerian ruins).

7. The oldest wine in Europe

 Древние алкогольные напитки, удивившие археологов. Фото

In 2013, archaeologists uncovered in Greece the remains of the oldest known alcohol in Europe. Traces 6200-year-old wine was found on the ancient ceramics of the prehistoric settlement Dicil-Tash. Analysis of pottery found in them traces of tartaric acid – a byproduct of fermentation. Previously, the oldest known wine was considered to be Armenian (6100 years). About the inhabitants Dicil Tash know very little, and most of the information was obtained only during recent excavations in which archaeologists were able to penetrate the deeper levels of the settlement.

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8. Scandinavian alcohol

 Древние алкогольные напитки, удивившие археологов. Фото

Archaeologists recently unearthed a 3500-year-old grave of a Scandinavian woman who was buried with a bronze strainer to filter the alcohol. Chemical analysis showed that the ancient brew was made of barley, honey, cranberries, herbs, and wine imported from the South. This finding prompted the researchers to perform the old Norse discoveries with the latest technology. While it was found the oldest evidence of Scandinavian alcohol in a jar in one of the vessels found in the tomb of a warrior. The vessel contains residual traces of this Mead.

9. Alcohol iron age

 Древние алкогольные напитки, удивившие археологов. Фото

In ancient Swabian burial, the researchers found a bronze cauldron containing the remains of a 2500 year old brew. This pot once contained 14 liters of the drink, which (as suggested by the archaeologists) was intended to ensure that the deceased would “give a good account of himself before the gods in the afterlife”. The analysis has shown that this alcoholic drink of the iron age consisted of barley, yeast, honey, meadowsweet and mint. However, interestingly, close to the boiler was found a skeleton. Researchers believe that because of the strong acidity of the soil in this place all organic matter was completely dissolved. Because in the grave there was an iron sword, iron helmet, and two spears, most likely the tomb belonged to some powerful warrior.

10. Canaanite wine cellar

 Древние алкогольные напитки, удивившие археологов. Фото

The oldest known wine cellar in the middle East is modern Israel. In this vault were found 40 large clay vessels for storage of intoxicating drink. The very same vault was the size of 5×8 meters and could accommodate up to 500 liters of wine. Researchers believe that this ancient wine bore little resemblance to modern varieties. It contains tree resin and herbs such as mint, Myrtle and juniper. The broth resembled a mixture of Greek retsina (resin wine) with the cough syrup. The ancient wine cellar was discovered at the site of tel Kabri in Northern Israel and dated to 1700 BC

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