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Anatomy Of A Scoop. Not to be a Chode.

Анатомия Совка.  Не быть лохом.

Know what one of the signs that distinguish the inhabitants of the free world from the residents of exUSSR?

Listen up.

Here in Cyprus, for example, the schedule of the President which events he will attend, it is well known in advance. And, as I already wrote, before the arrival of the President at these points going to all sorts of protesters on every occasion. What to do in Cyprus they also have.

So you know what is the most frequent cry heard by the President of the protesting crowd? Frustrated protesters often shout, “I was such a fool that voted for you!” or “I regret that I gave you my vote!”. “You” is normally the Greek appeal “for you” is the norm.

Here, the inhabitants of the free world differ from people postsovka.

Because for the Soviet people there’s nothing worse than to admit his mistake and publicly admit that he was wrong. The camp of the Gulag ideology, which is densely permeated all post-Soviet space, implies that if you admit that you were wrong, thus you put yourself in the position of a goof, who are divorced, and therefore losing credibility, and lower their place in the camp hierarchy. I wrote about this phenomenon.

The worst thing that can Lucia in the life of post-Soviet man, if he were forced to admit publicly that he was wrong. So, the post-Soviet man never admits he made a mistake and chose the “wrong policy”. Even if Vokrug everything will be falling apart and he will die from the crisis, it will still be stiff, to be bored to argue that he made the right choice. And all the ills that the chosen policy did not give turn enemies: the opposition, the oligarchs, the corrupt fifth column or those who voted differently (underline).

That’s all I wanted to say.

Disclaimer: I do not mean anyone in particular talking about some abstract “politicians” and “voters”. Any similarities to real persons and situations are random, although intentional.

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