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Anatomy of a rumor: the stability of the deficit

Анатомия слухов: стабильность в дефиците

Scandals boil around the elections not only objects informatic increasingly, the Ministers, and even the previously untouchable head of state-owned corporations.

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The detention of the journalist Ivan Golunova, which the interior Ministry was forced to release after strong public pressure, has caused a lot of rumors that the thing itself, as well as the publication of Golunova of corruption was a large part of the war the Russian security forces. Now say it all about the “battle of the clans”, which can not redistribute diminishing sources of income, and most importantly — to gain a foothold in desired positions on the eve of 2024, when the country is guaranteed there will be serious political changes.

And in so many of these rumors are increasingly beginning to catch the name of the head of “Rosneft”. If earlier Igor Sechin recalled more in the context of his victories over various opponents, for example, in the case of the former head Minekonomrazvitija Alexei Ulyukayev, now the “eternal” gosmenedzher becomes the object of information attacks.

The latest scandal was another country house, attributed to Igor Sechin. Already as a memory of the land, whom Igor Sechin previously owned in Barvikha and he sure became the property of the Russian Federation, surfaced in the media in early summer, it was clear that-whether journalists again actively interested in the head of “Rosneft”, or someone having dirt, actively leaking it to media.

Then it was about Barvikha. Now the project “Baza” wrote about a new building project, according to media reports, in the form of the letter W, also built on land belonging to Russia, not some private person.

At the same time there are persistent rumors that the latest so-called staff “special forces Sechin” in the security services, which include, for example, General Oleg Feoktistov, will lose their positions and or be transferred soon to another job, or even go into retirement.

All together it creates a sense of increasing pressure on Sechin, and hardly on the initiative of the press — rather, it “worked” his opponents in power. Well, anonymous telegram-channels is an exercise in trying to guess (or Vice versa to convince everyone), who organizes it all — the Kovalchuk brothers, the Rotenberg family, Sergei Chemezov, or someone else from the circle of “old friends” of Vladimir Putin.

Vacation and airplanes

We had some Federal Ministers. In particular, subject to violent disturbances began business trip of the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, which is sometimes called one of the contenders in the future on the Prime Minister. Hotel rooms at a price of almost half a million rubles a day long discussed in the press, and the relationship of those who organized these trips on the part of both the government and private firms. All this luxury, as usual, was “within the law”, while the reputation Manturov not that affected (because of the Russians such things to surprise is difficult), but it just has not improved.

A similar story happened with the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova, only her clubmaker tried to “sew” the lack of patriotism. It seems that the Minister has refused to buy the Federal medical-biological Agency of the Russian plane “superdzhet” and asked for “more suitable” French Falcon. This naturally caused a scandal, because shortly before this the government actually forbade the hospitals to purchase for ordinary Russians to foreign diapers, bandages, devices for artificial lung ventilation (ALV), and so on — a total of 14 names of medical products.

The source of this judgment, most likely, were just the Ministry, not the Ministry of healthcare, but it didn’t protect her massive criticism, not only in social networks.

The territory is free from opposition

Under the doubt and the power of the political sector of the Kremlin, which controls the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko. His position on the forthcoming autumn elections to the Moscow city Duma and the election in St. Petersburg municipal deputies and the Governor of the regional authorities alleged was virtually ignored.

As warned by the experts in the capital, opposition candidates have faced significant problems with the collection of signatures for registration. Rumor has it that one of the major opponents of the authorities of the election commissions in the end just does not register. In St. Petersburg it has already happened with the candidate for Governor, a legislative Assembly Deputy from the “Yabloko” Boris Vishnevsky, which could not pass the municipal filter.

As for the team, even after the intervention of the Central election Commission does not register them EN masse, and sometimes beaten. According to one version, the Kremlin just could not put things in order, because the grass-roots election commissions and clans, to monopolize the authority in certain municipalities, do not depend on the other that part of the election campaign, dealing only with the Governor, “the feds” ceded “private” strategists now pretend what is happening does not concern them. The purpose of this is to wait for its logical end, that is actually scandalous election, and then attack its hardware competitor, relying not received negative results.

Anyway, all of the key scandals occur at the stage of registration of candidates for the opposition EN masse is not. And in September, Pro-government candidates and propagandists are everywhere to simulate surprise — this is why the opposition have decided not to participate in elections?

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