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Anatomy of a rumor: the Kremlin was afraid Goloborodko

Анатомия слухов: Кремль испугался Голобородько

Governors in Russia began to fire and winter, and the “normalization” of relations with Kiev either postponed, or canceled.

Not confirmed the rumors that the resignation of regional leaders to the end of 2019 will not be processed, and therefore, they are worth the wait, as always, in the early spring. Their posts left the governors of Irkutsk oblast and the Jewish Autonomous region. At the same time, TNT has canceled the series “servant of the people”, in which the main role is played by the current Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Rumor has it that this decision means the end of the long flirtation of the Kremlin with the new Ukrainian authorities.

The Russian people “servants” is not needed?

The TNT channel has shown three episodes of the TV series “servant of the people”, where the main role performed by the incumbent Ukrainian President. Stream began almost simultaneously with the first meeting of Vladimir Zelensky and Vladimir Putin, which was held in Paris. Of course, there were rumors that a demonstration of the peculiar favor of the Kremlin to the new Ukrainian authorities. Maybe not Russian TV channel to show such “political” series without a visa from the presidential administration, says Schuhmacher. It was also confirmed by sources close to the presidential administration.

If so, then those are right who say that the talks in Paris failed. The show was discontinued after the first jokes about Putin, despite the fact that the stream has not nearly come to that point where the main character reported that the Russian leader allegedly did died. So someone decided that the average Russian, who is the viewer of the entertainment channel TNT, there’s absolutely no reason to see in such quantities at Vladimir Zelensky.

And then all agree that whoever signed off on a stream, with the decision on its termination is exactly the Kremlin. Perhaps even the former presidential press Secretary, first Deputy head of administration of Vladimir Putin, the unofficial curator of the Russian TV, Alexey Gromov. However, as write in social networks, this is inaccurate. Such rumors are almost impossible to verify, because the decision is the result of a single phone call or a simple conversation without a witness.

Governors will continue to fire

Suddenly in Russia from the resignation of the governors. Your posts have lost the leaders of the Jewish Autonomous and Irkutsk regions. But immediately after the September elections, the Kremlin has persistently spread the rumor that this year anyone else not be dismissed. As explained clogmaker, allegedly because the limit of trust, new faces began to exhaust the population so quickly that all assignments better be done as close to the election.

Was invented and amusing explanation for the “socially vulnerable” segments of the population. Supposedly even the governors that are not happy with the residents of their regions, must still work to new people immediately whacked the heating season in winter. Now it turns out that heating for two relatively cold regions are not so important.

Rumor has it that it all started with Irkutsk. The local Governor, the candidate from the Communist party Sergei Levchenko has long been an irritant for the Kremlin. After the return of the partially free elections of regional leaders, he became the first who managed to overcome all barriers, including municipal filter, and defeat the candidate of United Russia.

Now, however, he was allegedly forced to resign after polls showed that Levchenko can beat the protege of Moscow (whoever he was) and in the next election. In his place was appointed the former is already the Deputy Minister of emergency situations Igor Kobzev, who incidentally gained a new title, becoming Colonel-General of internal service.

The reason why this chair took Kobzev, sources in the Kremlin explained a massive flood of 2019 in the Irkutsk region, the consequences of which are still not overcome. In addition, the native of MOE is supposed to stop illegal logging in the region. But commentators are not so closely associated with the Kremlin, pay attention that the chief Kobzeva last time was a former presidential guard and now the head of the Ministry Yevgeny Senichev. It is, in their opinion, the best explanation of the decision.

With regard to the resignation of the head of the Jewish Autonomous region Alexander Levinthal and appointment in his place of Rostislav Goldstein, the man writing the far Eastern media, with a very vivid biography-the decision was allegedly taken suddenly. Change the head of the EAO in December 2019 was not planned, but we decided to do “batch” resignation to dilute the information effect from the resignation in the Irkutsk region, one of the few opposition governors who managed to win truly competitive elections.

In an anonymous telegram channels immediately began to write that the choice was made from several candidates. In reality, in addition to the EAO there are still four regions whose heads fall wrote a letter of resignation with an open date, which lie in the Kremlin. This is Kamchatka, Arkhangelsk and Kostroma oblast, and Krasnodar Krai. Their governors are likely to depart their posts in the spring so that the successors had time to prepare for the next autumn Uniform day of voting.

However, a source close to the presidential administration said that in reality, the list of potential retirees is significantly wider and your post can lose up to 10 employees.

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