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Anatomy of a rumor: an explosion at the site is associated with the superweapon Putin?

Анатомия слухов: взрыв на полигоне связан с супероружием Путина?

Muscovites were frightened not only of the impending hurricane and the shutdown of the Federal television, but an unsuccessful military trials.

This week clogmaker delighted the audience with thoughts about the mysterious incident at a military base in Arkhangelsk oblast, and disabling broadcast in Moscow, trying to arrest the former President of Kyrgyzstan Atambayev and possible financing of the Moscow party Italian Prime Minister.

Iodine for residents of the Russian North

On military training ground “nenoksa” about Severodvinsk something exploded, two people were killed and at least 15 wounded. Very sparingly, the defense Ministry said that the victims were taken to the hospital, no harmful emissions in the atmosphere is not detected, radiation — normal. However, in social networks, Internet forums and various telegram-channels discussing why the victims in the accident on the tests were welcomed by people in hazmat suits, why the inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk region sometimes record a significant, at times exceeding the background radiation in the world on numerous parent forums to discuss cases of alleged closure of parks and incomprehensible activity of EMERCOM in the capital.

In other words, the closeness of information and traditional Russian habit not to believe the soothing messages of the authorities provoked a panic. In the same Arkhangelsk, according to local media, residents swept from pharmacies all of iodine, apparently fearing a radiation threat.

Accordingly, the main theme is the discussion of the question: what actually exploded there? In local forums put forward two theories — liquid propellant rocket launcher (which in the end began to speak and the military itself), which in theory could be the atomic warhead (although it is incredible that she was on the tests), or even a nuclear rocket engine. Both announced with “cartoons” during his address to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin in the 2018 presidential elections. And the population well remembers it.

Accordingly, there were rumors about a possible foreign sabotage against the latest Russian weapons. In this context, the authorities probably could use this story for the sake of intimidation and mobilization of the population. But the probability of this is small, because in General that would be there in reality, neither exploded, the first rumors demonstrated a lack of confidence in the authorities. The Russians have no need to watch the TV series “Chernobyl”, to know that in case of industrial disaster, the officials probably just instinctively withhold information and tell you about the incident only when the effects of the emergency will be eliminated or the situation is completely out of control.

Dim the TV screen

Talking about radiation, you can add the rumors that the Russian authorities are allegedly preparing to disconnect the TV signal. From a political point of view, this is absurd, because the TV is already under full state control. Disable it — means to deprive themselves of the opportunity of propaganda to influence the masses. However, those rumors went after Moscow suddenly interrupted the broadcasting of Federal TV channels.

According to official information, broadcasting automatically block module emergency alert based on the agreement between the MES and RTRS (Russian television network). According to regulations, the message about the danger should be displayed on the air three times with an interval of one hour, and that was done. And that’s after MOE has warned the population about the impending hurricane, there was a triggering of a security module, which blocked the work of part of the transmitting equipment. In the end, the Federal channels broadcast in auto mode, not back.

Here is the population and took over “exercises” to turn off the television. And against the background of constant talk about disabling anything, including the possibility of creating a “sovereign Internet” that is the perception on the part of the viewers “loss” of Federal channels is understandable.

A new revolution in Bishkek?

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrived in Kyrgyzstan, where the opposition of the former and current presidents of the country have led to deaths and could trigger riots. At least in Bishkek in recent days, many businessmen closed their shops, fearing the usual for the country in such cases the pogroms, which traditionally end the invasion on the capital of villagers.

Meanwhile, Russia is actively interested in what is happening in Kyrgyzstan and possibly affect these processes. Anonymous telegram-channels say, who of the Russian public figures sided with the ex-President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev, who rather supported the incumbent head of state of Sooronbay Zheenbekov. After all, to remain silent there is definitely support the operation to arrest the former head of state.

By the way, to apprehend him by force could not even Kyrgyz special forces. One intelligence officer was killed and the local police chief was in the hospital in a coma. Managed to arrest Atambayev after his voluntary surrender. Rumor has it that to give up he decided only after several calls to Moscow: the alleged head of the foreign intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin, who previously seems to be unofficially supervised the “Kyrgyz issue”, and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who was preparing to go to Bishkek. As for President Vladimir Putin, rumor has it that to call him Atambayev, who recently visited the Russian capital, this time could not.

Sound very different versions of explaining what is happening. Some of the Russian commentators, like Nikita Isayev, spreading rumors that the events in Kyrgyzstan are connected with the us-China confrontation. These two countries traditionally have, like Russia, a strong position in Bishkek, and in addition, China is the largest creditor of the Kyrgyz authorities. Some Russian experts even dream of a possible accession of Kyrgyzstan to the Russian Federation, is not much hesitation as it is politically and economically really. In addition, talking about the struggle for trafficking routes that pass through Kyrgyzstan, or conventional contraband on the border with China.

Regardless of which explanation of the causes of what is happening closer to the truth, it is obvious that Russia has a real impact on the Kyrgyz events. It is even possible that different “towers” of the Kremlin, that is, different power clans playing the interests of different local actors — one on the side Zheenbekov and others Atambayev. And from this point of view, Kyrgyzstan and so tied to Moscow no less than other regions.

Adventures of Italians in Russia

Resurfaced in early August, and the financing by Russia of the Italian extreme right. It was discussed back in the winter when there are new publications about how Moscow allegedly promised Italian help in the form of not quite legal transactions in the sale of oil to a portion of the money transfer to the account of the party “League”, led by the current Italian Vice-Premier Matteo Salvini. At the same time, Italian prosecutors launched an investigation into this story. In the June—July issue resurfaced, including in connection with the arrest of some Italian extremists, who somehow got hold of a Soviet missile air-to-air and allegedly tried to sell it.

Now publishing The Insider revealed that the assistant of the Prime Minister Salvini, Italian politician Gianluca Savoini at least 14 times he flew to Russia in 2018. He says that he brought back only Souvenirs and “Masha and the bear” for my daughter. However, journalists believe that his Luggage could be money. At least twice Savoini returned from Moscow private jets, and, according to the publication, he was caught receiving large sums of cash. Journalists hinted that it could be and during trips to Russia.

Rumors that the Kremlin is funding the European far right, go for a long time, though it proved the case of financing until now, only one is a loan provided by the French party “national front” which leader is marine Le Pen. Other stories were many, but even before the court no case never came, and all examples are considered to be unproven.

In fact, Savoini trip to Moscow by themselves do not prove anything. Although in favor of this version can speak of the fact that in the European Parliament elections the Italian right-wing funded advertising campaign, including allies of the party “League” from the Czech Republic, France, Estonia and Germany, and hardly did it at his own expense, which they in such numbers seems to be not.

However, until the end of the investigation the Italian police these suspicions will remain just rumors and nothing more. And confidently talk about Moscow funding European far-right still, no one can.

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