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Anastasia Volochkova called working corn prettier blisters on the tongues of gossips

Subscribers Anastasia Volochkova used to discuss her candid photos and signature twine. However, the blonde decided to remind everyone that not only is she a media personality, but the actress.


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Anastasia has published several recordings of their rehearsals. “Classic variations always keep in shape! Because they are the most difficult. One awkward movement or USKOK on Pointe is not on the axis and you tripped… I like well-executed. This is a variation from the ballet “don Quixote”. Most important to me in the profession I always consider to be a professional in their field and a lot of work!” — wrote the artist (the Spelling and punctuation here and further more. — Approx. ed.).

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Video posted by Anastasia (@volochkova_art) 1 Dec 2016 8:04 PST

Later Volochkova showed subscribers how to actually look the feet of ballerinas. According to Anastasia, she is proud of the work calluses and does not hesitate to show them.

“And here are my feet after rehearsals… Put a bone on his right leg in Pointe… I treasure these calluses! Oddly enough, even can not imagine! This is the result of enormous labor daily to make people happy! But my corns stuck on the feet is much prettier than corn on the tongues of those who insult and gloat of people to work on Pointe and not under force”, — said the artist.

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Many subscribers were amazed by the diligence and sincerity of Anastasia: “This is a colossal work! health to you!!!”, “God, this is incredible work! You’re a big lad! And a huge talent!!! Admire!”, “Anastasia. I just have no words. As they say “No comment” the first time I see this. I’m in shock. Poor feet”, “it is Evident that this work is simply enormous, just love your creativity, you can give yourself completely, good luck Nastya!”.

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