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Anastasia Prikhodko was surprised by sharp video

Настя Приходько удивила резким видеообращением Anastasia Prikhodko took a selfie video in his manner spoke about why she leads the women’s blog.

Ukrainian singer and a true patriot in one person could not resist and finally told subscribers on Instagram, why they never see her candid shots and it turned out that Anastasia Prikhodko is not showing children and the figure after the birth, and not saying anything about it.

In order to once and for all close this issue Prikhodko shared on his page a video address, which clearly gave to understand who she is and why does what almost no other of her colleagues on the stage.

The words Anastasia had picked up and even in the Ukrainian language singer with a cigarette in his mouth managed to speak without censorship. Of course, this video it is advisable to watch children, as the artist likely didn’t think when I put the video in the social network.

Message Anastasia is, she’s a singer and believes the right to talk about music and not about his personal life, beauty secrets, body shape and other things not related to creativity.

Caution! In the video there is profanity!

From Taka’s cock*nya…

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