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Analyst: 2019 would be “very difficult”, and the Euro can fly to 90 rubles

Аналитик: 2019 год будет «очень трудным», а евро может улететь к 90 рублям

The upcoming 2019 will be “very difficult”, the global economy is the crisis, and the Russian national currency may experience another blow to the devaluation. This does not preclude the Director of analytical Department of “Alpari” Alexander Razuvaev.

“They say that 2019 is the year of the Pig, but really, 2019, the year of the “bear” (stock exchange “bears,” who sell securities in the hope that in the future their price will fall — ed.). I think that 2019 will be very difficult, simply disastrous, the world is waiting for a crisis comparable to those that were caused by bankruptcy (in 2007 us Bank) Lehman Brothers, or even worse,” says the review expert.

He believes that “the U.S. stock market (formed) “bubble”, and “in 2020 the world with a high probability for a recession”. “And she almost always followed by falling of stock quotes. We see 1800-2000 points (U.S. stock index) S&p, Brent crude could easily fly to $30-35 per barrel. Index Masuri in this case will be 1500 points” — does not preclude Razuvaev.

Moreover, he continues, “if the Bank of Russia will not interfere in the bid, it is very likely, then again amid cheap oil, the dollar will reach a minimum of 80 rubles, and the Euro will easily exceed the level of 90 rubles.”

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