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An unusual healing: the body of American settled 12 thousand bees

Необычное исцеление: на теле американки поселились 12 тысяч пчелThus a woman heals people.

Taking off his t-shirt and oblivshis bee pheromones, a 45-year-old Sarah Mapelli surrounded by 12 thousand bees immersed in himself and meditates.

In the TRANS woman performs a ritual dance which heals her of all diseases. Sarah is not afraid of bites and believes that they are useful, however, to repeat such do not advise anyone.

Sarah calls herself the Queen Bee. She has worked all her life people had treated their methods of alternative medicine as fractures and heart disease. And recently a woman had a revelation: she realized that the bees can work wonders.

According to Sarah, when people are together, they are capable of much. Same thing here: a lot of bees, and together they produce a healing energy that can heal even from the worst diseases. And there was the dance of the “Queen Bees” in “the shirt” from 12 thousand striped insects.

According to the healer, when the bees sting her, she teams up with nature and this helps her to meditate. Sarah says to bee charged with energy, enough to see one dance.

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