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An unexpected discovery: the doctors told about the benefits of fried foods

Неожиданное открытие: врачи рассказали о пользе жареных блюд It turned out that fried foods can be healthy.

Fried food is one of the main nutritional nightmares: their use usually urge to avoid.

But researchers from the US said that despite a number of really inherent negative properties, many fried foods have a positive effect in health.

According to American doctors, fried fish, contrary to various assertions can be useful to humans. The grilled fish are for the body as a source of valuable acids that supply the pancreas and thereby activating the processing and excretion of harmful components, which penetrate into the body with various products. This not only improves the health and contributes to the preservation of harmony.

Another dish — fried bacon. It may be too heavy for people with weak digestion, but useful for people with low level of cholesterol in the blood, experts explained. Low cholesterol is estimated by doctors as a very dangerous phenomenon, often accompanying people, in which there is too little fat, and having a number of ailments – it is a high risk of strokes, cancer of the liver, mental disorders.

Also, healthy fried foods, scientists have attributed the thus prepared cabbage and potatoes. Speaking of fried potatoes, the experts noted that this dish contains many useful trace elements, included in this vegetable. According to them, the heat treatment most useful elements included in the composition of the potato, not destroyed, and fully retain their valuable properties.

As for the roast cabbage, this dish has anti-sclerotic properties, as it contains a lot of fiber, which protects the vessels and arteries against excess accumulation of cholesterol in them.

Fried food can be indigestible for people with chronic problems of the gastrointestinal tract, but in the absence of contraindications to moderate their consumption is not only no harm, but is quite appropriate, in terms of food diversity, concluded nutritionists.

They added that most of the fried foods there is a General useful feature is a quick withdrawal of fluids from the body. Thus, their use may make sense as prevention of swelling and fullness due to the accumulation of excess moisture in the body.

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